Which Cruise App Should I Download?

Cruise app

You’ve made it onboard your cruise ship, and the lounge chair on the sundeck is calling. Suddenly, you remember that you forgot to book that one excursion, or don’t remember what time dinner is. Not to fret- thankfully, cruise lines today have developed a mobile cruise app to help you figure out your plans while sitting at the pool. From maps, to excursions, to making dinner reservations, planning a cruise can involve a lot of factors. Download these applications to help make cruise planning easier on the go.

Royal Caribbean: Royal IQ

Royal Caribbean is slowly rolling out its Royal IQ app, only available so far on Quantam of the Seas, Anthem of the Seas, and Ovation of the Seas. This is your personal vacation management planner to use while onboard and is compatible with iPads, IPhones, and Android phones. Plus, it works for free!

Forgot to reserve that excursion to go swimming with the dolphins or heard one of the onboard shows was not to miss? Not a problem! Just log in on your app and make any adjustments, reservations, or times for each as needed. Not to mention, monitor your daily calendar, keep track of onboard activities, view menus, and stay connected with others in your party via messaging or calling.

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Cruise app

Princess Cruises cruise app, Princess@Sea, will keep you from feeling adrift while at sea. Once you are in range of the ship’s Wi-Fi at port, log into their app. It allows you to check out events onboard that will suit your mood, check your account details, enjoy more information about venues at sea and even get extra information about each port on your itinerary. Plan your day and if you need to stay in touch with your cruise companions, simply use the complimentary part of the messenger part of the app.

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Disney: Navigator

Disney really can enhance your cruise experience with a countdown clock before you set sail. Once on board, ship Wi-Fi is complimentary for the app to function. Peruse your daily calendar and see all your booked activities, including character experience times, all in one place. You also get personal dining details with what dining location, time, and table number. Plus, get a deck plan and ship guide to help you explore everything, and also get destination map and details for Disney’s private island at Castaway Cay. Want to grab a bite to eat but can’t find everyone? Just send a quick free of charge text to everyone in your group.

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Many lines have developed a cruise app to help you have access to important information along the way. With helpful information at your fingertips, you won’t need to worry about getting lost on your ship at sea or have trouble finding your cruise buddies. Cruise lines have thought of everything to help you plan the perfect vacation and stay in touch with everyone while on the go.

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