What’s Your Travel Personality?

Some people are just made to travel. They love seeing new places, hearing different languages and tasting all types of food. Because traveling has so much to offer, everyone has a preference for what they consider to be the best vacation.

No one understands travel personalities more than Trafalgar! Through their dedication to showing travelers the world, they’ve come across 4 main travel personalities. If you understand your travel personality, it will make traveling that much more enjoyable. Which one describes you the most?

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Culinary Connoisseur

Like a fine wine, you take your time when you travel. You’re a closet sommelier and a true foodie, with a love for new discoveries that trigger your taste buds. You like to meet new people, hear their stories and savor regional cuisine. You’re always hungry and you will try any dish a chef puts in front of you. You’re favorite part of a Trafalgar tour is the Be My Guest dinner because you love eating a home cooked meal in a local’s home. The question you are always asking your Travel Director is, where are we going to eat next?

You carry: A recipe scrapbook, list of restaurants to try and a wallet or a small chic clutch

Natural Wanderer

Mother Nature is undoubtedly your hero. When looking at Trafalgar itineraries, you always are drawn to the most adventurous ones. You’ll travel the world to marvel at the Matterhorn, gaze at a steaming geyser or listen to a glacier as it creaks and crumbles into the ocean. You love spotting wildlife and you’ll happily avoid a crowd. The way you learn is through exploration of nature and you don’t like sitting still! You bucket list includes all the Natural Wonders of the World and you’d rather see a place with your own eyes than hear someone tell you about it.

You carry: A backpack, camera, binoculars and your trusty walking shoes

Cultural Explorer

From pomp and pageantry to humble and rustic traditions, you immerse yourself wholeheartedly in local history and cultures. You deploy all of your sense when traveling, meeting the people, listening to their customs. You’re obsessed with Trafalgar’s Cultural Insights and Insider Experiences because you are always looking for an authentic experience. Likely to be found cheerfully bartering in the depths of a Moroccan souk, you’ll enjoy getting off the beaten track to discover your destination. The world is full of culture and you want to experience it all.

You carry: Local currency, a phrasebook, and a battered backpack

Travel-Hungry Adventurer

You like to see it all, snap a picture and continue on your voyage. You’ll hop boarders and take every excursion to cover the most ground. You love going from country to country and you’re fully confident that Trafalgar knows the best route. There is a strong likely hood that you have a picture of all the major landmarks across the world. You have an inquisitive, independent nature and your energy and enthusiasm for sightseeing is boundless. You wake up early to enjoy the sunsets and stay up late to experience the night life and you look for every opportunity to travel the world.

You carry: E-reader, camera, headphones, a truck load of souvenirs and coffee

Most travelers don’t fit in to one travel personality, but are a mixture of some or all of them. One day you might wake up and crave a local meal, full of locally sourced ingredients. The next day, you might be in the mood to pull out your hiking boots and head to the top of the mountain. The important thing is, when you travel with Trafalgar, the passion of traveling and the love for the world and its people stays with you.

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