What To Expect On A Camping Tour With Grand American Adventures

Camping Tour With Grand American Adventures

Sometimes we all need to unplug and Grand American Adventures camping tours can help you do that. Why not explore your own back yard and let someone else take care of the logistics. So, what exactly will you get with your Grand American Adventures Camping Tour?


Camping Tour With Grand American Adventures

Grand American selects their campgrounds based on the scenic beauty of the location and the grounds’ close proximity to the places you will want to explore. This allows you to stay and experience parts of USA and Canada other tourist could only dream of seeing.

Most of the campgrounds will have modern conveniences, like flushing toilets and hot showers, for those who don’t want to get that in touch with nature. While other grounds will even have tiny cafes, shops, launderettes, and swimming pools.

Most camping tours will have at least one night in a hotel, which is included in the price. These hotels are located in the center of these iconic cities. The idea is that you can just drop your bags, and start exploring Las Vegas, Anchorage, or any of the awe-inspiring cities your trip takes you.

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Camping Tour With Grand American Adventures

Grand American will provide almost everything that you will need for your camping vacation! They will bring your tent, a self-inflating sleeping mat, camp lights, food storage containers and all your cooking equipment. The only two things you will need to bring is your sleeping bag and a pillow.

While some of the locations can get very hot during the day, especially in places like California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah, the temperature is known to drop more than 30 degrees Fahrenheit at night. So, while you are not required to bring a warm sleeping bag, we highly recommend it. Especially if you are going to Canada or Alaska where the average temperature during the summer is in the mid-50’s.


Camping Tour With Grand American Adventures

All meals are included on camping trip. Your tour leaders will organize local shopping and will help the group in creating healthy meals. Because meals vary from trip to trip, Grand American Adventures has stated that, “Breakfasts may include fresh fruits and cereal, toast, juice, milk, coffee and tea. Fried bacon or sausage, pancakes or eggs will also be available on more leisurely mornings. Lunches are typically picnic style, and our evening meals can range from grilled meat, fresh fish or chicken dishes, as well as occasional regional specialties such as Mexican food or BBQ’s.”

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For all the vegetarian out there, don’t worry other options will be made available to you. If you need to stick to a special diet, you are more than welcome to bring whatever food and drinks you will need. Remember, Grand American will provide you with food containers. Please tell your travel consultant at time of booking of any dietary needs and restrictions so Grand American can do their best to accommodate you.


Camping Tour With Grand American Adventures

Grand American Adventures recently upgraded all of their US buses to custom-built vehicles. Some of the benefits are an interior height of 6’3”, wider seats, and more leg room than traditional motor coaches. In addition to the coaches extra- large windows, they are also state-of-the-art with air-conditioning, reading lamps, a TV screen, and a full height electric bi-fold doors!

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  1. Hi there, great article. Grand American sounds like an interesting option. It’s great they will even provide the tent, sleeping mats, etc. Thanks for sharing!

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