The 5 Best Cycling Trips In The World

Anyone can hop in the car and get from point A to B, but biking allows you to experience landscapes, to connect with nature and to truly see your destination in ways that aren’t possible on other trips. Here’s our the 5 best cycling trips in the world.


Best Cycling Trips

France is probably the most versatile country to bike through. Sure you can always bike the cobalt stone streets of beautiful Paris. Or you could travel down south to the French Alps and have your own Tour de France. Ride into the sky on the Col du Galibier and be met with post-card perfect lakes, and snow dusted massifs.

If mountains and the noise of Paris aren’t for you, head down to Provence. With landscapes that inspired Vincent van Gogh, to the beaches of the Mediterranean, it’s understandable why the rich and famous love to vacation here. While we know there is a lot to see and do, consider taking a bike ride to some of the famous vineyards outside Avignon and replenish those calories with a wine tasting.


Best Cycling Trips

Over last few years HBO’s Game of Thrones has highlighted the beauty of Croatia’s southern coast. It’s paradise for all adventure travelers. From the mountainous national parks to cities straight out of a fantasy, Croatia has something for everyone. Protip: Take a ferry to the islands, we promise the white pebble beaches and fields of lavender will be worth it.

If you want to take a break from biking, head inland and spend the day hiking and trekking in any of the national parks! You also have the option of river rafting down a number of the rivers while in the parks.

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Best Cycling Trips

Not only does Vietnam have delicious noodles, they also are home to some of the most iconic beaches and landscape in all of Southeast Asia. Bike along the coastal highway from Quy Nhon to Nha Trang. What could be better than an adventure next to the blue South China Sea, with spectacular views of distant islands, sand dunes, and lagoons. Or soak up the culture of the country and cycle through the farm lands to see how rice paddies are made.

Vietnam is also perfect for those who want a challenge. With varied terrain and destinations as far as 70 km away. It is highly recommend that you do some training prior to ride through Vietnam.


Best Cycling Trips

More specifically the region of Tuscany! While the there’s no arguing that the whole country is beautiful, there’s just something about biking under the Tuscan sun you just won’t get anywhere else. From the mighty city of Florence to the Renaissance town Lucca, and all the wine vineyards in-between. Not only will you see Tuscany the way it was meant to be seen, but you’ll get away from the swarm of tourist.
If you’re a fan of the old masters, why not make a day trip to the Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Venci!

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South Africa

Best Cycling Trips

Surprised? Don’t be! From watching Southern Right Whales off the coast of Hermanus to the winding path of Bainskloof Pass, South Africa is full of surprises, like being one of the top wine producers in the world. So we recommend you treat yourself to a glass of local wine at the end of each day. Or take a day trip to Bontebok National Park and climb the Tradouw Pass for an Instagram perfect picture.

For those who would like to explore a country by bike, but need a little extra help cycling, electric bikes are also available on a number of our Cycle Themed itineraries. Please talk to your travel consultant about an action-packed cycling trip.

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