Review: Best of Spain With Globus

Spain With Globus

By: Maya Keith, CTA & Travel Consultant

Bienvenidos a España which translates to Welcome to Spain.

There are things that undeniably define a country and Spain has more than its fair share. Hailing everything from ice-capped mountains, green lands, arid zones, sandy beaches, culture, friendly locals, historical sites, narrow streets, grand display of art and architecture. Plus, not forgetting the country’s great cuisines from the Basque province, Catalonia in the North, Madrid to Andalusia South of Spain that are full of aroma and mouth savoring tastes. The perfect tour that provided me with all the above was The Best of Spain with Globus.

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Commitment To Our Travelers

Since our company started in 1999, the way we have conducted business has been different than many others in the industry. We put customer service and client satisfaction at the forefront of every conversation, while offering the lowest prices on travel. This mentality has evolved to become a commitment we strive for with all of our clients that we have had the pleasure of working with every day. A commitment to deliver award winning service, the lowest prices and complete client satisfaction.

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