Amazing Thailand

In January to February of 2011, I took a trip to Thailand as a gift to myself for graduating with my Bachelors from the University of Central Florida (Go Knights!) just a couple months prior in December. Being a Thai-American born in New York but raised in a Thai household, the culture shock wasn’t too bad. Outside my house I was American but when I walked through my door I was living under Thai rules. It also helped that I can speak Thai fluently albeit unable to read or write. I should also mention I went alone but still have family there.

Luckily, I traveled during the slow season (also known as value season) so the price wasn’t that bad; it was still something a new grad can handle. Because it was winter here in the states and Thailand only has two temperatures: hot (during our winter) and very hot (every other time of the year), the weather was manageable when I went. I do not recommend traveling to South East Asia during Summer time unless you enjoy scorching heat.

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