We Predict Top Travel Destinations for 2017: Part 2

Top Travel Destinations

“Where should I go next?” is a question that is always on every travelers mind. With so many authentic experiences to connect travelers to cultures, people and traditions, deciding where to travel to can be a bit overwhelming. All signs are pointing to 2017 being a very busy travel year. To help you decide on your next adventure, we compiled part 2 of our list of the most popular tour destinations in 2016. (Read Part 1)  Based on these top traveler destinations, we predict these trends will continue onto 2017.

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Top European Destinations with Cosmos

Keukenhof - European Destinations Cosmos

For value-minded travelers looking to explore Europe, Cosmos is ready to be your guide. For more than 50 years, Cosmos, the budget-centric sister brand to Globus, has helped people travel internationally at domestic prices. When Cosmos plans travel itineraries, they always offer travelers plenty of independent exploring time and daily optional excursions. Here are some of our favorite Cosmos European destinations.

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Adventure In Spain

Recently a co-worker (Marquis) and myself were asked by the Spanish Department of Tourism and the Andelusian Region for an International meeting for Inland Tourism. First off, let me say it was a working visit but we were shown an area of Spain that sadly is overlooked by many and it’s now my goal to change that. Let me tell you a bit about my trip.

We departed Houston on Wednesday. We were flying Delta so had a 1 hour layover in Atlanta. We actually had a very nice flight to Madrid. We spent some time reviewing our itenerary (busy), the area we were going to (neither of us knew a lot), and what we were planning on trying to learn or accomplish (a list a mile long). For the first time in my life I had an enjoyable meal aboard a flight. The attendants were funny, the seats I actually slept in, and wonders upon wonders did not feel like I had been drugged through the ringer when we landed. We were met by Juan at the airport and he drove us the 4 hours south to Jaén, a city in south-central Spain. Below is a You Tube video of the area and with photos of our trip. Take a peek. I think you will find it beautiful.

Video by Liza Drake

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