Part 1: Prague and Avalon Waterways Legendary Danube River Cruise

By:   Sandra B. Wilkins
Senior Agent,

Prague, the Czech Republic:  stop what you’re doing and make plans to go there NOW!  I’ve been traveling to Europe for 30+ years, and have visited most of the capital cities more than once.  Nothing in my past travel  experience prepared me for the wonder of Prague.  This is an absolutely magnificent city, top to bottom, start to finish.

Few people know that Prague was the seat of the Holy Roman Empire in the 14th century, when her leader Charles IV ushered in a Golden Age for his Czech subjects, with magnificent building projects (including the most famous landmark in Prague, the Charles Bridge) and the founding of Charles University, the first university in central Europe.  Bohemia flourished during this period, and Prague subsequently became known as the “golden city of spires.”

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