Paris To Normandy’s Landing Beaches 2015 – Avalon Waterways


Paris To Normandy’s Landing Beaches 2015 – Avalon Waterways

Linh Nguyen

Senior Travel Consultant

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Visiting Paris (and France in general) was always a dream of mine. Growing up and even through my adult life I had often day dreamed about the City of Lights. I imagined sitting out on a bench reading a book or just people watching with the majestic Eiffel Tower providing some shade for me. I dreamed about exploring the city at night and watching how it transforms as the sun goes down. Because it’s the only way to really know a city, I would do all of this on foot. In my dreams I would walk through every alley and side street so I can truly know Paris. Imagine my excitement when I knew I would be living my dreams with Avalon Waterways on their Normandy Beaches itinerary.

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My Road to Rome: The Art of Touring in Style

At the Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy
Growing up, I always saw myself exploring Europe with a big backpack, ripped up sneakers, and multiple large paper maps. I had dreamed of the backpacking life that most 20-something-year-olds fantasize about. I had it all planned out, my limited budget would allow me to fly into one airport, walk, hitch hike, or find a cheap standing only train ticket to move onto my next city. For accommodations, I would find any hostel that seemed relatively safe and clutch my belongings tightly in my sleep so no one can steal anything if I happened to be able to fall asleep among the noise of however many other people were in that same room bunking with me. Plan b would have been to find the warmest, cleanest corner or steps to get a few hours of sleep in before I explored the city with all my belongings on my back.Continue reading