Top Luxury Cruise Lines

Top Luxury Cruise

When it comes to luxury cruising, prides on only partnering with the best companies that time and again meet our highest standards for quality and unmatched service.  A luxury cruise should provide the finest amenities, have all your needs taken care of, and offer exclusive, exquisite experiences. Learn how these luxury cruise lines will fulfill that luxury experience awaiting you.

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Staff Adventures: Caribbean Hideaways With Oceania

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Caribbean Hideaways
10 Days of Cruising & Culinary Delight Aboard The Oceania Riviera
Kristin Woodall
Toll Free: (800) 627-3753 x 149
Direct: (281) 269-2649
Fax: (281) 269-2690

Over the last 8 years, I have enjoyed working with clients in creating signature experiences aboard the dream ships of the world’s best cruise lines. I’ve learned that those experiences are realized when there is a confluence of passions. Customers bring their own passions for food, entertainment, luxury and travel; cruise lines that help create those signature experiences also bring a passion for excellence that creates long term relationships with repeat customers. I share that passion both as a purveyor of travel and as a prospective passenger aboard the dream ships. That passion was re-ignited when I stepped aboard Oceania’s Riviera for the 10-day Caribbean Hideaways sailing. When speaking with clients, I had often highlighted Oceania’s connoisseur experience and premium amenities. So I was thrilled when the opportunity came to create my own signature experience in upscale cruising with Oceania. I was delighted that I even received quite a few tips from clients about making the most of my time aboard Riviera, itself an ultimate destination.

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