Weekly Cruise Deals: We Found The Best Pacific Cruises That Offer Big Onboard Credits

best Pacific cruises

The Caribbean isn’t the only place to go on luxury cruises, the Pacific Ocean has breathtaking views, perfect water and some of the best beaches. You’ll feel right at home on a Norwegian or Princess cruise while discovering the jewels of Mexico or Hawaii.

Whether you want to island hop in the Aloha State or enjoy the sunsets just south of the border, we found the best Pacific cruises that offer big onboard credits!

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What You Need To Know Before Your Hawaii Vacation

Know Before Your Hawaii Vacation

It’s no secret that The Aloha State is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. The Hawaiian archipelago is comprised of 8 islands and over 100 smaller islands, atolls, and islets found in the Pacific Ocean.

From the historical sites, to the out-of-this-world volcanic landscape, Hawaii is home to treasures unlike any other on earth. Hawaii boasts some of the best weather, surf and beaches you’ll ever see. What makes Hawaii truly unique is the Hawaiian culture. When you visit, you’ll see that the people there are incredibly friendly and welcoming. Here is what you need know before your Hawaii vacation.

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Staff Adventures: Hawaiian Dreams with Kauai Extension

Hawaiian Dreams with Kauai Extension
Sara Beth Bowen, CTA
Senior Travel Consultant
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Day 1 –
Anticipation! Excitement! I am finally getting to go on my dream vacation! I have always wanted to go to Hawaii and experience island life and be near and in the ocean. For our 30th wedding anniversary, we decided to make it happen. What better time to celebrate and get a chance to be with our daughter, who is living in Kauai?!

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