Review: Costa Rica With Tauck Bridges

Costa Rica With Tauck Bridges
By: Lucy Fernandez, Vice-President

I have just returned from Costa Rica with Tauck Bridges tour with my son, Rod, his wife Sara, and my two grandchildren Billy, 10 and Chloe 7. In Costa Rica, there are only two seasons, rainy and less rainy. Our vacation was in July, and yes, it rained every day. Despite that, it was a great trip, and we quickly got used to doing activities in the rain. When we went to Tortuguero, it rained all day long. This ruined our planned excursions to look for wildlife, but we enjoyed the boat ride in the rain.

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Review: Greece Adventures by Disney Family Vacation

Greece Adventures by Disney

By: Lin Humble, Vice President

My oldest son has a newfound fascination for Greek history so we decided it would be great for him to personally experience Greece for himself and deepen his knowledge and understanding of Greek history and the role it has played in Western Civilization. So my husband and I, along with my two young boys ages 8 and 10 and my mother, decided to take the plunge and travel to Greece. We opted to travel with Adventures by Disney because of their renowned reputation for service and product excellence. Our Greece Adventures by Disney experience met and exceeded any and all expectations.

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Review: Family River Cruising With Uniworld

By: Lin F. Humble, MD, Vice President

Uniworld strikes gold with a wealth of activities

This past summer my two boys, ages 8 and 10, joined my mother and I for our first family river cruise. River cruising was a first for me and the boys but my mom, Lucy, had already experienced most river cruise itineraries and river cruise operators. I was a bit apprehensive in not knowing if there would be enough onboard or land-based activity to keep two young, rambunctious boys entertained. I needn’t have worried – the trip was a dream come true.

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Trafalgar Family Experiences

Trafalgar Family Experiences
Many vacation packages and cruises are designed for individuals or couples. One or two adults have a lot more autonomy and freedom as to where to go and what to do on a vacation, not to mention what they’re physically capable of on something like an adventure tour.

Some of us are parents, though, and we have to plan our vacations around our children’s needs. We can’t necessarily leave our children behind when we want to vacation: We may not have anyone who’s able (or willing) to take care of them for that length of time; we may spend too much time worrying about them if they’re not with us; we may want to bring them along and build experiences and memories together.

Trafalgar Tours offers a line of vacations that can meet all our needs.

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