Review: Costa Rica With Tauck Bridges

Costa Rica With Tauck Bridges
By: Lucy Fernandez, Vice-President

I have just returned from Costa Rica with Tauck Bridges tour with my son, Rod, his wife Sara, and my two grandchildren Billy, 10 and Chloe 7. In Costa Rica, there are only two seasons, rainy and less rainy. Our vacation was in July, and yes, it rained every day. Despite that, it was a great trip, and we quickly got used to doing activities in the rain. When we went to Tortuguero, it rained all day long. This ruined our planned excursions to look for wildlife, but we enjoyed the boat ride in the rain.

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The Inside Scoop On Touring With Your Family

Did you know that over the recent years family touring has become immensely popular? The demand has grown so much that the tour companies have pulled out all of the stops in order to craft tours that cater specifically to family travel. With summer vacation just around the corner, family travel planning can be somewhat of a hassle to coordinate activities for every member of the family. Why not let the experts of amazing vacation experiences do all of the planning, coordinating, and activity arrangements for you? Many popular tour companies have done just that while keeping your family in mind. They understand that both children and adults need a good balance of fun activities as well as some down time for relaxation while they are on vacation.

Here are a few examples of what to expect from some incredible family tour packages.

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