5 Places That Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

Travel Bucket List

A bucket list is a catalog of personal goals and first hand experiences that you are wanting to accomplish. While some people add adventurous activities to their bucket list, most people have a list of countries and cities they want to visit. With so many beautiful places in the world, it’s easy to dream up the top destinations you are wanting to explore. We narrowed our list down to our 5 top favorite destinations that everyone needs to experience at least once!Continue reading

Review: Tauck Cuba – Connecting With People and Culture

Tauck Cuba - Buildings in Cuba

By: Christine Whittle, Travel Consultant and Sunny Lewis, Senior Certified Travel Associate

Although Cuba is so close to the United States, it is like visiting time past. We had no idea that we would be experiencing one of the most wonderful Islands in the Caribbean! First we had a night at the Hyatt Regency Coral Gables, Florida so that we would be provided with all the necessary information required for the experience of a lifetime.Continue reading

Experience Cuba for the First Time with Globus

Experience Cuba for the First Time with Globus

With the United States re-opening diplomatic relationships with Cuba for the first time in over fifty years, Americans will soon be able to return to traveling to the island nation not far off the coast of Florida. As of right now, the only legal way an American citizen can travel to Cuba is through a “People to People” program, which mandates that travelers have at least three “meet the people” experiences, per day, where they interact with local residents and learn more about Cuban life, both the everyday and the historical and cultural roots of the country.

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