Staff Adventures: The Southern Supreme with CIE

The Southern Supreme with CIE Tours

The Southern Supreme
Riley Ae, CTA

Senior Travel Consultant
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The Southern Supreme with CIE experience can best be summarized in the word “authentic.” Before taking this trip, that would not have meant as much to me. But now, having had the experience of delightful Irish folk in the capable company of CIE, I find it hard to imagine a combination of country and company that so amlessly meld into a premium travel experience. CIE has managed to do this with apparent ease. And as anyone in our business can tell you, when it comes to the business of travel, it only looks easy. That seamless experience is a collection of well-executed details and CIE has done that with a deft touch in the Southern Supreme.

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Destination Spotlight: Ireland & The Gathering Presents Destination Spotlight: Ireland & The Gathering

Ever wanted to learn how to Riverdance? Or see how Jameson is made? Or are you just fond of Ireland and Irish culture in general? The Gathering may be the place for you, and AffordableTours can take you there.

The Gathering is the name for the year-long celebration of all things Irish that takes place all across the Emerald Isle. The Gathering is actually a collection of many smaller, local events, also called Gatherings, which take place all across the country and celebrate different aspects of Irish culture. If you have any interest at all in Irish culture, there will be something here for you.Continue reading