How Much You Should Tip In 11 Countries Around The World

tip in

Here in the US, tipping is not optional in most circumstances, but every country in the world has different guidelines.

Because tipping rules vary by country, region, and place of business, it’s important to research your destination’s customs prior to any trip. And since there are no real ‘rules’, the etiquette of what countries you should tip in can get confusing. We put together a list of 11 top travel destinations and who you should tip and how much.

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Review: Aboard the Caribbean Princess

Caribbean Princess cruise

By: Justin Jensen, Travel Consultant

The Caribbean Princess cruise departed from the very under-used and seemingly brand new Bayport Cruise Terminal. We arrived around 10:30AM to try and avoid the parking/check-in rush and were able to get a great parking spot. Check-in was a breeze, as there were no lines at all after passing through the security screening – much easier than airport TSA screening.

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