No WIFI on Your Flight? Make the Most Out of Your Time!

Travel Tips: No wifi, no problem.

Traveling is just the start of your big adventure! When you’re setting out on a journey of a lifetime, your flight is a great time to be productive before you get to your final destination. Ask Yulanda who toured Europe and Luis who explored Africa, who both had plenty of relaxing time on their flights. Here are some of our favorite ways to make the most of your travel time.Continue reading

Staff Adventure: Insight Vacations – The Eastern Discovery

Insight Vacations - The Eastern Discovery

Insight Vacations – The Eastern Discovery
Gilbert Ortiz
Travel Consultant
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“The Eastern Discovery” is a 16 day escorted tour, operated by Insight Vacations. It covers 8 countries perfectly chosen in a way that the tour combines the beauty of cities like Vienna, Dubrovnik and Istanbul, with others like Tirana, Ohrid and Sofia that offer more history and insight into some of the former so called “Eastern Block” countries. All of this plus a touch of nature in the UNESCO gem called “Plitvice” national park.

The tour was expertly planned and operated to perfection by Insight Vacations.

The quality of the coach was second to none. The hotel selection was right on target. The knowledge, sophistication and kindness of our tour director; Karin was unmatched. The speed and smoothness of the rides as we covered 2,100 miles was all due to an excellent job of our driver; Zoran who made us feel safe everyday, everywhere all the time.

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Staff Adventure: Monograms Independent – Best of Japan with Hiroshima

Three geishas
Lucy Fernandez
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Monograms Independent – Best of Japan with Hiroshima – View the entire itinerary

Omotenashi – a Japanese word that conveys the sense of warmth in hospitality and a hallmark of Japanese culture. Beyond a friendly reception, there is a sense of anticipation that is one step ahead of the spoken request. Throughout our journey in Japan, we experienced the gracious service and welcome for which this ancient island nation is known—never rushed or compelled by a schedule—but always treated with genuine care by our local hosts and virtually all of the service personnel we encountered. Japan is a land of many contrasts, beautifully reflected in the harmonies of rest and rush we experienced in Tokyo and Kyoto. As an independent vacation, our 10-night program combined the best of modern amenities and the serenity of ancient traditions.

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Be Part of a Great American Tradition and Visit the U.S. National Parks

Yellowstone National Park

America is a vast country, diverse in geography and natural features. Many of America’s most beautiful landscapes and landmarks fall under the purview of the National Parks Service. This federal agency exists to preserve and maintain the natural beauty of America’s most marvelous features, to provide a place for wild flora and fauna to thrive in America, and to provide locations where visitors can tour and observe the beauty of the geological features and wildlife, while learning about the history behind each location.

Through, you can book a number of vacations that take you through some of America’s most notable national parks and the regions where many of them are located. First, though, learn more about where you might travel on a national parks tour and what you might see.

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