Speak Irish In Ireland With CIE Tours

Phrases and Sayings For Your Ireland Vacation

A fun way to prepare for a trip to another country is to learn a few key phrases and sayings to fully experience the culture you are visiting. Speaking the vernacular gives you the openness to communicate, interact and connect, through the conversations that flow. In Ireland, residents speak in an English dialect that is one of the most distinctive in the world.

Learn these Irish phrases and sayings for your CIE Ireland vacation and you’ll be befriending locals and immersing yourself in new experiences in no time.


Meaning: Okay/Good
Example: “How was your flight to Ireland?”  “It was grand, thanks for asking!”


Meaning: Fun, enjoyment
Example: How’s the craic at the pub?

Pro tip: Pronounced like ‘crack’


Meaning: Sweater
Example: Don’t forget to pack your jumper, the weather can be chilly


Phrases and Sayings For Your Ireland Vacation

The jacks

Meaning: Restroom
Example: Don’t have too much fun without me, I’ll be right back, I’m heading to the jacks.

Pro tip: Toilet doors are labeled “fir jacks” for men and “ban jacks” for women. Not to be confused with banjaxed, which means broken, out of order.


Meaning: Thing; that; something ambiguous
Example: Pass me that yoke, will ya?

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Meaning: Thin strips of bacon
Example: I don’t know what I want for breakfast, but I know I want to have some rashers.


Meaning: Soda, soft drink
Example: Do you want a Guinness or are you sticking to a mineral tonight?

Pint of Gat

Meaning: Guinness beer
Example: We just got to Ireland! Let’s go to the bar and order a pint of Gat.

Phrases and Sayings For Your Ireland Vacation


Meaning: Wrong way, for something to go wrong
Example: We tried to do an independent tour of Ireland, but it went arseways on us, we had no idea where to go!


Meaning:  Very, over the top
Example: I love the way the ocean crashes against the cliffs, it’s quare beautiful isn’t it?

The guards

Meaning: Police
Example: Make sure you follow all the traffic laws, you don’t want the guards coming after you.

The press

Meaning: Cupboard, cabinet
Example: The teacups are all the way to the left in the press.

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The boot

Meaning: Trunk of a car
Example: Load all of your luggage in the boot, it should be big enough.


Meaning: Thank you
Example: That was a wonderful Irish meal, cheers!

Sure, look it

Meaning: I agree
Example: “We should go walk around Dublin and find a place to eat.” “Sure, look it.”

Phrases and Sayings For Your Ireland Vacation

Lose your rag

Meaning: Throw a fit, tantrum
Example: Don’t lose your rag while in Ireland, you’re on vacation!

Acting the maggot

Meaning: messing around, being obnoxious
Example: Stop acting the maggot, you’re going to get us kicked out of the pub!

Fair play to ye

Meaning: Good job, well done.
Example: You finished your meal, fair play to ye!

From fairy tale castles to magnificent gardens, vast rolling hills to the bustle of international cities, with CIE, Ireland opens her arms and welcomes you to explore her ancient sites, cross her green fields and discover her hidden treasures. Learning these essential phrases and sayings will allow you travel more humbly and graciously, which will be appreciated by anyone you encounter.

Are you a pro at these Irish phrases and sayings? Head to Ireland with CIE to practice speaking like a local.

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