Review: Splendors of Japan With Trafalgar Tours [Video]

13 Day Splendors of Japan including Hiroshima with Trafalgar Tours

Video By: George Pitiranggon, Director of Marketing & Web Strategies

One of our staff members just returned from an escorted tour of Japan with Trafalgar tours and brought back this video review! Starting from Tokyo and including a drive through the Japanese alps to Nagano, Kanazawa, Kyoto, Kotohira, Hiroshima, and finally a bullet train to Osaka. Watch his video and follow him around to relive his adventure through Japan with Trafalgar tours! Continue reading to watch the review.

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Watch the video review for Trafalgar Tour’s Splendors of Japan below:

Trafalgar Tours Spotlight:

Be My Guest meal: Be invited to an authentic meal and dine with locals. For Splendors of Japan, we had lunch at a traditional ryokan, or Japanese inn, and was served a multi-course local cuisine.

Authentic Accommodations: Some of your hotels might be designated as Authentic Accommodation due to it’s local history and relevance. For Splendors of Japan, we stayed in a traditional ryokan in Kotohira, which had an indoor and outdoor hot spring public bath, the option to sleep on traditional tatami mats or beds, and was connected to a shrine dedicated to marine and boats, Kotohira-gu.

Cultural Insights: Specially curated and hand picked experiences for you and your group hosted by a local that only locals can explain. For Splendors of Japan, we participated in a sushi making class, traditional edo-period dance show, sake tasting, traditional washi paper making class and okonomiyaki meal.

Hidden Treasures: A surprise visit or experience. For Splendors of Japan, we visited the UNESCO listed village of Ainokura, where the last of 200 Gassho-zukuri style houses are nestled in the Japanese alps.

Did you like the video review? Share your experiences with Trafalgar tours or Japan below in the comments section!

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