New Zealand Monograms

By: Aga Olewinska, Certified Travel Associate

“Kia Ora! Welcome to New Zealand!” When I saw this welcome sign at Auckland airport, I realized that one of my dreams had just come true. It took us a few weeks to plan and find the best option for this trip. We didn’t want the hectic, constantly on-the-go tour. We wanted to have a lot of free time, but we also wanted to have some private, guided tours, that would give us VIP access to all the must- see sights without waiting for hours in lines, included. We preferred to eat lunches and dinners when and where we wanted. We also didn’t feel like spending hours on the internet trying to find the perfect hotels, arrange our flights, transfers from the airport and transportation between the cities.

New Zealand Monograms

You are probably thinking now, is it even possible to find a package that will offer all of this? Yes, it is absolutely possible with Monograms! Monograms will put everything together for you. They have wonderful packages that offer the perfect balance of guided tours and free time. The tour we chose was called “Naturally New Zealand,” and it covered both islands as well as all the places we wanted to visit.

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New Zealand Monograms

From our arrival, we were given just the right amount of guidance and freedom to make our trip stress free, fun, and independent. In every city, Monograms provided a Local Host who offered tips, recommendations, and some optional tours that were highlights of our trip.

New Zealand Monograms

Our local guides were extremely knowledgeable and helpful. All hotels were located in the heart of each locations (we were given different option to choose from), buffet breakfast was included every day, and the hotel amenities were as advertised. We walked everywhere and saw everything we had planned. There was no need to use public transportation.

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New Zealand Monograms

It was a wonderful trip! From start to finish, Monograms has been the best. They thought of everything and I will highly recommend them to my clients and friends. They offer many wonderful packages in Europe, South & Central America, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

New Zealand Monograms

So if you want to have a private safari in Kenya, and you are tired of traveling in a big motor coach with 50 other people; or you are planning to travel to Europe with your children or grandchildren who are too young for an escorted tour; or you just want to have more free time on your vacation, call us and we will be happy to plan your next vacation. It’s time to discover a better way to travel!

Aga Olewinska
CTA – Certified Travel Associate
Toll Free (800) 935-2620 X 133
Direct (281) 269-2633

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