Review: Greek Island Hopper with Trafalgar

Greek Island Hopper with Trafalgar

By: Tahlon Springs, Travel Consultant

I can’t say enough about this trip. The Greek Island Hopper with Trafalgar features Athens and two of Greece’s most iconic islands: Mykonos and Santorini!  One thing that I loved about this tour was that it was a part of  Trafalgar’s “At Leisure” tours which means longer stays at each city and late starts most mornings.

Ruins in Athens

This trip starts off in Athens for the first two nights.  Day 2 is where things really get going with morning trip to the Acropolis where you explore several ancient ruins! Be sure to have some good walking shoes as you start the short hike up to the top for a beautiful sight of the famous Parthenon.  It’s an amazing feeling that you get when walking amongst these iconic ancient ruins.

Greek Island Hopper with Trafalgar

Before going back to the hotel, our group had a short drive around the the city to see some of the other historic sites in Athens.  On my down time, I visited the Acropolis Museum, and at 5 euros for the entry fee, it was a must see.  I was able to see many beautiful original artifacts from ancient Greece. In fact, the museum is built on top of Greek ruins, and there are many glass floors on the bottom level that look down at the ruins.  It’s truly amazing!

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Greek Island Hopper with Trafalgar

Mykonos Views

After 2 days in Athens, we woke up early to catch a high-speed ferry to Mykonos.  I didn’t know what to expect from the ferry trip, but it was actually a great ride!  You have assigned seats that are spacious and comfortable.  There is  also a cafe on board.  Most of the time, on the 3 ½ hr trip, I spent out on the deck, viewing all the beautiful islands on the way.  Mykonos is a beautiful, rocky island.  This island is known for its beautiful beaches, including the famous Paradise Beach.  Some of the group had a great time on Paradise Beach, where the party starts at 4pm and goes on all night, however, by 10pm we were done.

Greek Island Hopper with Trafalgar

Santorini’s Sheer Beauty

After 3 nights in Mykonos on our Greek Island Hopper with Trafalgar, we took another ferry to Santorini.  As much as I loved Athens and Mykonos, for me, Santorini was the highlight on this tour, simply because of the sheer beauty!  We stayed at the wonderful El Greco Resort, which was about a 5-10 minute walk into the town of Fira.

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Greek Island Hopper with Trafalgar

One thing I highly recommend in Santorini is Oia.  This neighborhood is what most people see when seeing Santorini on postcards or on TV.  The view is of a sea of white buildings with blue dome tops, up on a cliff, overlooking the Aegean Sea.  I could sit down and look out for hours… it is THAT incredible.

Greek Island Hopper with Trafalgar.  The history and the beauty of its islands made this trip one for the books!

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  1. If you want to get the most of your trip to Greece, a tour like this one really is the way to go. There are so many beautiful islands to see! Planning out a multiple-island journey on your own might be challenging, better to leave it to the pros!

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