Christmas Time on the Danube with Avalon
By: Margaret Schroeder, Content Marketing Specialist

This was my first river cruise and I truly think that it’s the way to travel. On the first day of my Christmas time on the Danube with Avalon Waterways river cruise, they picked me up from the airport and took me straight to the ship. After the usual safety procedures were announced, we went on to dinner and the food was amazing!

The second day of the river cruise, we stayed in Vienna, and we did the walking tour of the city in the morning with a group of people on the cruise. In the afternoon, my dad and I went to the childhood home of Marie Antoinette, the beautiful Schonbrunn Palace. There was also a Christmas market around the palace, and out of all the markets we went to, it had the most beautiful glass ornaments.

Christmas Time on the Danube with Avalon

The next day, we spent the morning in the cute little town of Duernstein. In my opinion, the real highlight of the day was going to the monastery in Melk, were we enjoyed a wonderful organ concert.

Passau was by far my favorite city, and I think half of my love for the city comes from how wonderful and entertaining our local guide was.

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The following day in Regensburg, we went to the “oldest fast food restaurant” in the world. The restaurant is over 500 years old, and it was started because the medieval bridge workers needed a quick and cheap way to get food. There is also a legend claiming that the bridge architect made a deal with the devil to get the project completed. If you would like to know what the deal was you will need to go to Regensburg!

Christmas Time on the Danube with Avalon
That afternoon, Avalon shuttled us up to one of the most romantic Christmas markets in Germany. This Christmas market was located on the grounds of a medieval looking castle, and it was by far my favorite!

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Once we got to Nuremberg, my dad and I took a break from the markets and went to the World War II grounds. While it was not my favorite thing on the trip, my dad, who loves learning about World War II, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Christmas Time on the Danube with Avalon

As I first stated, river cruising is really the best way to go and my next river cruise will be with Avalon again and would definitely recommend Christmas time on the Danube with Avalon Waterways river cruise to anyone.

Christmas Time on the Danube with Avalon

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