Review: Christmas Markets in Europe

Christmas Markets

By: Lucy Fernandez, Owner

In early December of last year, I enjoyed the unique experience of visiting the Christmas Markets along the Danube. I love river cruising because it offers an easy-paced and relaxing way to see Europe, but the cruises during the season of the Christmas Markets really ramp up my excitement. In fairy-tale settings, we were warmly embraced by locals, including artisans themselves, and they invited us to join in for the time-honored traditions of Christmas in Europe.

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Christmas Markets

What I like about the Christmas Markets is they offer a variety of manufactured and hand-made treasures that reflect the local traditions. Plus, it was the perfect opportunity to pick personalized gifts for my loved ones. All the while, we filled up on local fare, including spiced wines and mounds of gingerbread. Visually appealing and soul-satisfying, the Christmas Market experience is one you should definitely put on your “must-see” list.

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