Review: Bohemian Highlights With Trafalgar

Bohemian Highlights With Trafalgar

By: Christine Whittle, Travel Consultant

From astonishing history to lavish accommodations, much of central Europe is a dream of many to someday see. The Bohemian Highlights with Trafalgar was an insightful journey through the continent’s richest historical locations in comfort and luxury with Trafalgar. The tour started in Frankfurt and went down into Prague and eventually looped back around to where we started.

Our arrival was smooth and the transfer representative was waiting for us. Our journey began with our group at the welcome dinner, which was very nice.

From the very beginning of the tour, I could imagine how the cities may have once felt as we walked through areas of medieval store fronts and cobblestone roads. As I looked closer though, the scars from the ever so devastating wars were very much so prevalent.

Bohemian Highlights With Trafalgar

From these ashes, marvelous cities with beautiful skylines have touched the clouds. Rivers went through the cities with boats commuting just as the cars and buses manage to do the same seamlessly on crowded streets. Churches and palaces sat on hill tops over-looking majestic cities and I could only imagine the stories these structures could tell if they could speak.

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Bohemian Highlights With Trafalgar

With intelligent and witty tour guides, it almost feels as if these cities can talk. As we relaxed on our comfortable coach, experts on the surrounding cities relay stories and facts one may have read decades ago in an old history lesson but, this time with the locations directly under our own feet.

Bohemian Highlights With Trafalgar

Frankfurt and Berlin remind me of devastation and beauty mixed into one. There was new era high-rises alongside museums and church facades speckled with bullet holes from World War II. Warsaw and Prague convey a similar message but this time, with more sorrow as we got a firsthand experience amongst memorials and museums dedicated to millions who lost their lives in places like Auschwitz and Birkenau. Massive salt mines and beautiful cathedrals bring appreciation from the hard work and dedication that I could only imagine being taken to perfect these sights.

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Bohemian Highlights With Trafalgar

Budapest, Vienna, and Prague all sit perfectly along the river banks with picturesque views that one can only imagine seeing in a catalogue. A magnificent way to enjoy these picturesque views is from the Danube River. Lunch and dinner options were worth the meal, beautiful swans and architecture by day, amazing lighted buildings by night.

Bohemian Highlights With Trafalgar

The Bohemian Highlights with Trafalgar is a wonderful itinerary and the hotels are all in great locations. Our driver and tour director were a great team, always aware of traffic and prepared to take alternate picturesque routes to avoid highway congestion which made the trip even more pleasurable.

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