Review: Avalon Waterways – “Romantic Rhine”

Amsterdam Romantic Rhine Bike Ride

By: Linh Nguyen, Senior Travel Consultant

This year I decided to take an Avalon river cruise to relax. I’ve taken many river cruises with Avalon before and loved it every time. The Romantic Rhine itinerary I went on starts in Amsterdam and ends in Basel for a total of 7 nights aboard the Tranquility II.

Upon arrival in the modern, history rich capital city of Amsterdam, it never stopped raining. During a brief period in which in the rain stopped, I went on a cycling tour through the Dutch countryside like a local. The Netherlands is known for being the perfect country to go for a bike ride. This excursion reminded me of my childhood. Our local guide took us through centuries old picturesque villages, crossed old wooden bridges, through fields of flowers, and rode by sheep and cows. It was a wonderful experience.

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Amsterdam Romantic Rhine Bike Ride Amsterdam Romantic Rhine Bike Ride

On the morning of my second day I got really sick. From this day on I didn’t go anywhere. I didn’t leave the ship and I certainly couldn’t join the group for any excursions. I didn’t even leave my cabin for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  During the dinner, the crew members and hotel manager had to check on me and found me in bed with a 102 fever. The hotel manager contacted the local doctor’s office in Cologne, Germany to come on board and provide care. I was very impressed with the service on board. The crew members took turns to check on me every hour. They delivered fresh juice, hot tea, and of course, hot chicken noodle soup. They made me feel like I was home. Almost every port stop the hotel manager would contact one of the local doctors to came on board to check on me and provided me with the right medicines. I was well taken care of for the whole 7 nights on board, thanks entirely to the crew and service standard of Avalon river cruises.

Amsterdam Romantic Rhine Bike RideAmsterdam Romantic Rhine Bike Ride

After this incident I would strongly recommend travel protection. My medical bill was nearly $6000. I can imagine how I would feel at this point if I did not purchase any travel protection! The lesson to learn here? Travel protection is very important to all travelers and should be considered for any trip!

Linh Nguyen
Senior Travel Consultant
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