Review: 7-Day Western Caribbean Cruise With Carnival

Western Caribbean Cruise With Carnival

By: Christy Co, Admin/Customer Support

This summer, my family and I departed on the 7-day Western Caribbean Cruise with Carnival. We were very excited for this cruise, since it was my son’s first one and it had been a long time since I last went on a cruise. Because the port of embarkation was in Galveston, we were glad that we only needed to drive an hour to get to our cruise ship.

After 10 minutes of check in, we spent most of the day exploring the cruise ship. The first thing we noticed about the ship was how many restaurants there were. There were so many, that we couldn’t even count them all! These next two days at sea were spent playing in the pool and water park, or attending activities the cruise director had planned for us. They had basketball, cooking demonstrations, magic shows and many more to choose from.

Western Caribbean Cruise With Carnival

On the third day of our Carnival cruise, we reached the first port of call in Montego Bay, Jamaica. During our stay, we went on a bus ride filled with exotic scenery to Dolphin’s cove where we would meet some dolphins! The Dolphin encounter was amazing and full of excitement as we got to touch and do tricks with the dolphins. After the dolphin encounter we traveled to the world-famous Doctor’s cave beach. There we snorkeled and enjoyed the cool beach and the hot sun until it was time to head back to the vessel.

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The next day, we reached our second port of call in Grand Cayman. In Grand Cayman we had a plunge with stingrays on the Stingray City Sandbar. We couldn’t believe how friendly these creatures were! We got to touch them, feed them, and also a select few got to feel what it’s like to have one of these creatures laying on your back! The water on the sandbar was nice because it was very clear and blue.

Western Caribbean Cruise With Carnival

Our last port of call during our Carnival cruise was, Cozumel, Mexico. We went to Passion Island off the coast of Cozumel. The interesting part about Passion Island was that it was the isle in which Corona would film their commercials so if you wanted, you could make your very own Corona ad. Anyways, the water there was very nice, there was unlimited drinks and food, and also there were many other planned activities.

Our last day of cruising was mainly spent resting. This was the most relaxed part of the ship, as we ate as much as we liked and enjoyed the many other activities on the boat. To end this Carnival cruise vacation off with a bang, we decided to go watch the famous Carnival Lip Sync Battle. This was the most anticipated event; the whole theatre was jam packed! To my family, that was the best show out of the whole cruise!

Western Caribbean Cruise With Carnival

At our disembarkment in Galveston, we already started to miss the fun activities, restaurants, shows, and the feeling of being relaxed. Our family loved the cruise and would love to be back on a Western Caribbean Cruise with Carnival!

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