QUIZ: What Contiki Travel Style Is Right For You?

Only having one travel option is boring! That’s why Contiki  created 8 different ways to travel that is as unique as you and your friends. Take our quiz to learn what Contiki travel style is right for you. Then, scroll down to read more about about each of Contiki’s 8 ways to travel. 


Discoverer: See It All & Do It All

Contiki Travel Style

Discoverer tours are fast-paced itineraries for travelers who want to do it and see it all! You’ll have full days of sightseeing that will check off major bucket list boxes. This style is perfect if you would like to see the highlights of every city you go to, while also maximizing the number of cities you can visit.

While most of the time you will be staying in hotels, there are some hostels sprinkled into some of the itineraries.


High Energy: 24-Hour Traveler

Contiki Travel Style

High Energy is perfect for those travelers who want to experience everything during the day and party all night long. These itineraries are designed to be as energetic as the millennials that go on these itineraries!

One thing to be aware of with this travel style is the different accommodation types. Accommodations can be a mix of hotels, hostels, and special stays. Special stays can be a yacht in Australia to Contiki’s private 16th Century Chateau in France, it really depends on your tour. Also, hostel occupancy maxes out at four people of the same gender.

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In-Depth Explorer: Culturally Curious

Contiki Travel Style

If you are looking to really focus and explore a specific place, consider the In-Depth explorer. These itineraries focus on a single country, so you really get to experience the culture. Also, because you are staying in a single country you spend less time on the couch and more time eating local cuisine and immersing yourself in the culture! Lastly, you will be shown around by local guides that know their city better than anyone else.

Camping: Outdoor Explorer

Contiki Travel Styles

This is perfect for the traveler who wants to stay in Europe as long as they possibly can! Contiki will provide you with a roomy two-person tent, however you can upgrade to a tent for one, and a comfy air mattress! Also, a number of the campsites also have pools and bars to keep the party going. Since Contiki owns most of the campsite and with tours that average $89 a day, you are getting the biggest bang for your buck.

Camping is exclusive to Europe.


Sailing, Cruising & Beaches: Water Lover

Contiki Travel Style

There’s a lot to be said about only unpacking once, or getting a view you just won’t get from a motor coach. You can sleep, eat, and party on sailboats in the Adriatic and Aegean Seas. Why not take a high speed ferry to the party islands of Greece, or snorkeling the tranquil islands of Thailand on an Island Hopper.

Also starting in 2018, you will be able to go on a river cruise with Contiki’s sister company U by Uniworld.


Winter & Ski: Off-Peak Adventurer

Contiki Travel Style

Same itinerary as the summer with a major reduction in both the price and crowds. If you want to hit the slopes in Japan, Europe, or North America this is the travel style for you!

Ski and Snowboard day passes are not included on all Winter & Ski itineraries. Please make sure you ask your Affordabletours.com Travel Specialist about your specific itinerary.

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Independent Insider: Freedom Traveler

Contiki Travel Style

This is Contiki’s newest travel style that allows you the freedom to explore Europe’s biggest cities like never before. With more than 15 connecting cities, you can daisy chain as many itineraries (cities) as you want or your schedule will allow. Meaning you could start in Barcelona and end in Stockholm if you wanted! Also, since you stay in a city for three days you’ll have plenty of time to see and do what you want!


Short Trips & Festivals: Celebration Lovers

Contiki Travel Style

Tired of Lollapalooza and Coachella? Why not go experience Europe’s biggest music festival, Sziget. Drink like the Irish in Dublin on St. Patrick’s day. Or go to Amsterdam for King’s Day. It’s only the biggest Birthday Party in Europe!  This style is for those who want to experience the most epic nightlife and only have a week.

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According to the Contiki blog, no 2 travelers are the same, Contiki has over 250 trips across 6 continents. Ready for more fun and less hassle? Check out our full list of itineraries and destinations!

[Updated 3/7/18]

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