Southern Ireland with CIE Tours International

By: Jaime Fernandez Jr., Co-President

Ah, Ireland, land of leprechauns, four-leaf clovers, Irish whiskey and boundless shades of green. You don’t really appreciate how green Ireland is until you’ve been there. The sheer depth and variety of the “greens” that decorate the landscape are astounding. You can look at a hillside in front of you dotted with sheep, and then look right to the hillside opposite, dotted with cows and they are quite, quite different colors. The “green” phenomenon was just one of the many wonders of Ireland revealed during my recent CIE International tour, Southern Supreme.Continue reading

DressLands x affordabletours French Connection Bonita Dress

DressLands x affordabletours French Connection Bonita Spring Maxi Dress in Floral Print

This affordabletours x dresslands online sites dress is ooh la la French style and is a spring-colored maxi dress that flows to the ankles. It has a scoop neckline and thick straps across the shoulders. The material is unique, as it is made of modal and viscose, along with a lightweight and woven fabric. The print of floral shapes is all over the dress, from top to bottom and even the straps. The dress fits softly without being too tight. There is a zipper in the back of the dress. The dress can only be dry-cleaned.
Some features of this dress include:
Scoop neckline
Zip-back fastening
Dry clean

Ring in 2014 with a Cosmos Vacation

The New Year is a time for everyone to make resolutions. Most of these are directed at self-improvement: To go on a diet, to exercise more often, to spend less money, etc. But if your resolution is to lower the stress in your life, a vacation could be just the ticket. And if saving money is one of your goals for the new year, Cosmos by Globus Family of Brands may be one of your best options.

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