The Duchess of Cambridge Names Royal Princess in a Traditional Bottle-Breaking Ceremony

Princess Cruises, Royal princess Naming Ceromony,13.06.2013

Photo Courtesy of Princess Cruises

It’s a nautical tradition that spans thousands of years with ceremonies that can be as intimate or as grandiose as to have preceding soirees leading up to the momentous event—the naming of a ship. This sacred tradition includes an act of breaking a bottle against the hull of a brand-new vessel and a blessing for good fortune and safety of the ship and all of it’s crew and passengers.

Today, in Southhampton, UK, a week-long celebration heralded the most anticipated launching event of the year, the naming of the Royal Princess by the ship’s godmother, Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge.Continue reading

What is a Cruisetour?

A cruisetour (sometimes referred to as Land and Sea) gives travelers an opportunity to travel by land and by boat, with two wonderfully different perspectives from which to get to know a region of the world. Cruisetours are most often offered in Alaska, Greece and the Galápagos Islands, but there are also cruisetours in Eastern Canada, France, Brazil and China, among other worldwide locations.

Cruisetours vary in itinerary length and price, with the cruise portion of the tour typically lasting three, four or seven nights. Here are just a few examples of popular cruisetour itineraries that we sell at

Denali Explorer with Princess Cruises

PrincessCruisetourPhotoPhoto courtesy of Princess Cruise Line

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Mysteries of the Mayan World with Monograms

mayanworld_linfamilypictureMy family vacation with Monograms was a wonderful way to introduce my sons—ages 4 and 6—to the fascinating culture of the Mayans in Mexico. Throughout our five day trip, we were enthralled by the archaeological ruins, pleased with our attentive service from our local guides, and happy that so many travel details were pre-arranged by Monograms, which made our vacation hassle-free.

When we arrived to the Cancun airport, our personal tour guide and chauffer greeted us. I immediately felt at ease as I learned that these two very nice gentlemen would be with us for the duration of our vacation. This is the best thing about Monograms itineraries in Central and South America: you are independently escorted throughout your entire trip.Continue reading