The Benefits of Independent Travel

While many of the tours we’ve talked about recently involve guidance in some form or another—whether they be cruises, guided sightseeing tours, or unique adventure tours—the independent travel option is popular with a certain type of person, as well. Read on to learn more about independent travel, some offerings from our partners, and decide if it might be for you.

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Seven Night Hawaii Inter Island Cruise Aboard NCL Pride of America

By: Lin Fernandez Humble, Vice President

This past New Year’s we decided to take our family on a Hawaiian cruise. Naturally, we chose Norwegian’s Pride of America to embark on this adventure. My two young boys were thrilled with the idea of traveling to Hawaii and looked forward to the many activities that both Hawaii and the Pride of America had to offer.

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CIE Tours Offers Great Deals to the British Isles

One of our partners, CIE Tours International, specializes in their tour packages to the British Isles, Ireland in particular. You can get a great deal on these tours if you book early. CIE has been in business for 81 years and that level of expertise and experience shows with the quality of tours they offer. You might decide to see the rolling green hillsides of Ireland, the grand castles and other architecture of classic civilization, or the home of the world’s oldest whiskies in Scotland. And, who knows, you might even find true love. Read on to learn more.

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Take a cruise in style with Celebrity Cruises

One of our partners is Celebrity Cruises, one of the top cruise lines in the world. Celebrity offers cruises to all parts of the world, including immersive cruisetours that allow vacationers to get to know locales in-depth. Celebrity is known for delivering cruises that live up to the luxury they promise, with top-flight facilities and staff and a number of on-board activities to keep vacationers engaged and relaxed.Continue reading

Unrivaled Beauty in Hawaii, A Monograms Vacation

I just returned from a delightful trip to Hawaii, visiting the two islands of Maui and Kauai, and I traveled with Monograms Vacations. A Globus company, all Monograms programs offer three night hotel accommodations with a choice of hotels, a local host at each hotel, and a rental car for the “road trip” tours. Starting the tour on the island of Maui, we were so pleased with our accommodations at the Royal Lahaina Resort & Spa, located right on legendary Kaanapali Beach. Read on to learn more!

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