Review: Best Of Ireland With Trafalgar

Best Of Ireland With Trafalgar

By: Donna Humble, Senior Travel Consultant

When I retired from teaching 14 ½ years ago, I went to Ireland with a group of friends. We rented a house outside of Galway for 2 weeks. I said then, that I hoped to return to Ireland someday, which I finally did this summer.

I took the trip called the Best of Ireland with Trafalgar. This trip is quite different from my first one because it was organized and fully escorted. You see more and learn more about the country on a fully escorted trip.

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How To Stylishly Decorate Your Home With Travel Souvenirs

Decorate Your Home With Travel Souvenirs

Bringing home a souvenir is a great way to preserve memories from a special travel experience. Passionate travelers understand souvenirs can have great sentimental value and can often spark conversations and story sharing with friends and family. Plus, stylishly decorating your home with treasures you found while traveling can bring a sense of wanderlust to your space.

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