Review: South African Adventure With Trafalgar

South African Adventure With Trafalgar

By: Madonna Elkadiri, Customer Service Asst Manager & CTA Senior Travel Consultant

“Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself” I heard these words growing up, and was able to ‘see for myself’ on South African Adventure with Trafalgar! Sitting in the green grass, listening to the water nearby, sounds of the herd of wild gazelles, a big difference from my normal travels.

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4 Benefits Of Traveling With Family

Traveling With Family

Traveling the world allows multi generational families to connect in ways that aren’t possible at home. While vacations enables families to form a stronger bond, children also benefit from the new experiences it brings and adults gain a greater appreciation for what’s around them. Trafalgar put together a list of the top benefits of traveling with family.

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