Valentine’s Day Week Long Specials

Forget the flowers and chocolates this year. We’ve got deals to make your Valentine feel incredibly special when you give the gift that tops it all—the gift of travel! Hurry and see our great specials running this Valentine week only! Special sale prices are for Cruises and River Cruises. Don’t forget to check out our hand-picked faves— Top 10 Romantic Tour Destinations. See Specials


Holland America Cruisetour Motorcoach Visits

Holland America Line Motorcoach

We’ve recently had the great pleasure of a visit from our lovely rep from Holland America giving us an exclusive look at their Holland America Motorcoach. Our agents were able to step inside, see the spacious accommodations, large baggage compartments, and extra leg room the motorcoach offers for added comfort. Plus, we were able to have Q & A moments with the knowledgeable Holland America Cruisetour Guides who were wonderful. What’s the best time to take a Holland America Cruisetour to Alaska? When you have the most free time!

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We’re excited to have the opportunity to showcase this type of vacation to Alaska…and we’re ready to tell you all about it! Visit for more information or give our tour agents a call at 1.800.935.2620.


The “Feel Famous” Royalty Treatment by Cunard

Let’s face it—we live in a world that gives famous people the All-Star treatment. If (or when) you’re famous, you have the wonderful pleasure of being pampered and catered to at all times. Sigh. One can only dream right? How amazing would it feel to live the Good Life even if it’s for a short while? Well, now, you too can experience royalty treatment and live like a star on your next vacation! You can delight yourself in the cultured lifestyle of luxury, lavishness, and elegance. How? Simply cruise aboard Cunard’s luxury liners!

Cunard takes pride in their beautiful, timeless ships and their superb on-board staff that provide “White Star” service where, as a passenger, you are immersed in nothing short of star treatment. You get the “Red Carpet Welcome” as they say and upon entering the Grand Lobby, you are transported into another world where you feel like a king or queen. Make sure you pack your tuxes and ball gowns for evening dinners! You can be certain to wine, dine and dance as if you’ve attended a fancy ball at a grand palace!

Image Credit: Cunard Cruise Line

Just to give you an idea of what to expect aboard a Cunard ship, here are some excerpts from Cunard’s guide, “101 Ways to Feel Famous.”

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My Look at Travel Guide Books

By: Sandra B. Wilkins, M.A
Senior Agent,


When only the best will do…

“True ease in writing comes from art, not chance, as those move easiest who have learn’d to dance…”

Alexander Pope (1688-1744)


I’ve been in the word business longer than the travel business, 25+ years now. I worked for Private Eye Magazine in London in the 70s, a totally irreverent romp of a satirical publication, making mince of the Royal Family long before it was fashionable. I was a high school English teacher for a couple of years, until I realized I spent far more time babysitting students than teaching them anything. Journalism and language as career were sat aside for several years as I dove into every aspect of the travel industry. My voyage with OutSmart these past 5 years as travel editor has joyously re-united me with the written word, and allows me the luxury of writing about my own travel experiences. Not only do I plan travel for others as a career, I too TRAVEL, and I travel quite a lot. Like you, I prepare relentlessly for my trips, whether they are to new places, or to places I’m re-visiting. What do we do when we start dreaming of far-off places? We consult travel guidebooks.Continue reading