Pack for Your Trip Like a Pro

Packing Tips

Don’t let packing be time consuming or stressful. Below are the top packing tips so you can spend less time thinking about packing and more time dreaming about your trip!

Plan ahead and do your research

Simply by spending a few minutes doing prep work can help you pack more efficiently and leave you prepared on vacation. First, check with your airline on the size and weight requirements for your luggage and carry on so you can choose the best bags for the trip.  Next check the weather for average day and night temperatures and if there will be any rain. Lastly, go over your itinerary and see what excursions you will be participating in. Do you need to bring a fancy outfit or a sports jacket for that high end restaurant? Do any of your outings require closed toe shoes? After you gather all your essentials, you’ll be ready to consolidate and pack.

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Plan ahead before packing- Packing tips

Pack your carry on first

The first piece of luggage you should pack is your carry on. All of your electronics, chargers, medicine, important travel documents, and your inflight entertainment should go in your carry on. Organize your chargers in a ziplock or eyeglass case so they don’t take up too much room and it keeps them in one area. Bring an empty water bottle with you to the airport so you can refill after you go through security. Also, take along a jacket or a large scarf with you on the plane. Planes and airports can get drafty and they double as a pillow or extra lumbar support during your travels.

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Gather your necessities and pack your luggage

Lay out all the clothes and outfits you will be packing in your checked luggage. If you will be on vacation for more than a long weekend, make sure you pack neutral separates that can you can mix and match into different outfits. This will save you space in your luggage and time picking out outfits when you are traveling.  Rolling your clothes instead of folding them is another way to save room and avoid wrinkles. Throw in a dryer sheet to keep them smelling fresh and place your shoes inside of a plastic bag so they don’t stain or smell up your clothes. Most importantly, don’t over stuff your luggage and take your clothes on vacation. Be sure to leave a little room for souvenirs you find on your journey.

Packing is an exciting way to prepare for your trip. Now that you have your bags ready to go, it is time to sit back, relax and enjoy.

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