What’s Included On A CostSaver Tour?

Included On A CostSaver Tour

CostSaver is a part of the TravCorp family and offers incredible experiences at unbeatable prices. Perfect for first-time travelers or adventure seekers who are always on the go, CostSaver provides the best-priced tours in guided travel. You’ll be amazed with how much is included on a CostSaver tour. Here is a look at what you can expect to always included on your tour.

Travel Director and Local Specialists

Included On A CostSaver Tour

Your Travel Directors are a diverse group of people who share one thing in common: a passion to help you discover more. Travel Directors give you a real flavor of the destination. They’ll take care of all the organization and coordinating, so you can enjoy a no-hassle vacation. Travel Directors are carefully chosen according to three special criteria: knowledge, past experience and passion for the destination. Expertly trained by Trafalgar, they are the best in the business.

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Included On A CostSaver Tour

Local Specialists are passionate historians that reveal the secret stories and hidden facts behind the sights you see. As Entertaining experts, they take you deeper into local culture to bring the location to life. They are also well versed in the history of the location, and will have stories and details for you to help bring the people and places in them alive. So wherever you are you’ll enjoy a real insider’s point of view. The Local Specialist’s expertise and connections can get you exclusive experiences at famous landmarks, or help you skip long lines at popular tourist destinations.


Included On A CostSaver Tour

In all major cities, sightseeing tours are include on your CostSaver tour, while always making sure you have enough free time to explore on your own. You also have the flexibility to take advantage of Optional Experiences. You can choose to take part in all of the deeper dive options or just a few that pique your interest. CostSaver always makes sure you have the freedom to personalize your tour and take part in as much as you’re comfortable with.

Hotels and Accommodations

Included On A CostSaver TourCostSsaver’s buying power throughout the world gives travelers unbeatable value so CostSaver travelers can stay at superior 3 to 4 star hotels. All hotels are hand-picked and carefully selected based on the quality and location. While hotels are sometimes located outside of the normal hustle and bustle of the city, if you are interested in doing some solo exploring once your day is over, you are always able to ask your Travel Director to provide you information on transportation options.

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During your stay at the hotel, no need to worry about carrying heavy suitcases off the coach to your room, waiting in long lines to check-in and check-out, or trying to find cash for hotel tips, because everything is handled by your Travel Director and always included on your CostSaver tour. All you have to do is take the key from your Travel Director, open the door and unwind.

Meals and Dining

Included On A CostSaver Tour

Food and culture go hand in hand so CostSaver makes sure you’re never left without fantastic choices. Your tour will be a mix of free evenings so you can discover local delights yourself, while including up to half of your meals filled with authentic, regional flavors.  You can always turn to your Travel Director to recommend the best eateries for when you have your choice of dinner options. Since the best way to start your full day of exploring is a good breakfast, CostSaver includes all breakfasts so you are all set up for the day ahead.

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Included On A CostSaver Tour

No need to stress about getting to, from and around all the different countries and cities you will be touring. With CostSaver, you will be traveling in luxury on an air-conditioned coach, driven by an expert driver who is familiar with the foreign roads. There will be Wi-Fi so you can connect with friends and family back home and plenty of legroom so you can stretch out and enjoy the panoramic views through the huge windows. Your transfer to and from the airport on the first and last day of your tour are also provided and included on a CostSaver tour.

With prices that won’t break the bank, CostSaver offers value tours without compromise that are jam-packed full of fun, filled with must-see sights and plenty of free time for the me-time you need to indulge in your interests. From wandering the breathtaking streets of Paris, to losing yourself in the awe-inspiring sights of Athens, your CostSaver tour will be magical and unforgettable.

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