European Christmas Markets and Winter Vacation Deals

The Christmas Markets of Europe are part of a tradition that stretches back hundreds of years. While Germany is the country most famous for its series of Christmas Markets, you can find similar series of Christmas Markets in neighboring countries like Austria and the Czech Republic. Other countries have their own Christmas festivals and winter vacations as well.

Christmas Markets in Europe are a particular delight because of the continuing of tradition they represent and showcase. Meals, festivities, arts and crafts and more are available for visitors to view and experience, created in the local style that has been passed down for many years. Here are some details on the most famous Christmas Markets in Europe.


The city of Strasbourg, located at an intersection of cultures on the French-German border, is one of the oldest continuous Christmas Market in Europe. Its first Christmas Market was held back in 1570. Strasbourg is the prefecture of Alsace, and the Market highlights the unique Alsatian culture with its warm and friendly traditions. Strasbourg has earned the name “The Capital of Christmas” for this reason.


The Christkindlesmarket in Nuremberg is one of the most famous ones in the world, with over 400 years of tradition behind it. Over two million people visit Nuremberg’s market every year. Particular highlights among the food and drink are the roast sausages and mulled wine. A favorite of the arts and crafts are the “Nuremberg plum people”, figurines made from prunes.


Dresden’s Christmas Market is known as the Streizelmarkt, named after hefestreizel, the traditional name for what is now known as “German Christmas cake.” Germany’s oldest Christmas Market dates back to 1434. The arts and crafts are a particular treat, designed in the traditional manner of the people of the Erzgebirge, a nearby mountain range once mined for its ore. Besides the arts and crafts, and the traditional food and decorations, the highlight of the festival is the Christmas pyramid, 14 meters high.

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