Are Escorted Tours Right For Me?

Escorted Tours

Many travelers are turning to escorted tours to avoid all the planning and logistics involved with exploring a new country.  If you’re new to traveling or if you are ready to travel to a new destination, here is a useful resource guide to all your escorted tour questions.

What is an escorted tour?

Escorted tours are led by a tour director who takes care of all services from beginning to end of the tour. Tour directors connect you with local tour guides who have a lot of knowledge on the cities you explore. Your tours guides can answer any questions regarding landmarks, culture sites and the local cuisine. Usually, hotels, airport shuttles, some meals and sightseeing are arranged and included with the price. Think of it as a pre-packaged vacation that was perfectly planned for you.

Escorted Tours

Are all escorted tours the same?

Not at all! Travel destinations include itineraries on all 7 continents and hundreds of cities.  Some tours are more relaxing and other tours are packed full of adventures, museums and popular restaurant spots. Depending on your schedule, you can travel for 3 days or all the way up to a month. You will also have your choice of tour quality, from budget to luxury. While all tours qualities provide great customer service, the hotel amenities and attraction admissions that are included will differ. Many tours can accommodate special requests like dietary restrictions and wheelchair accessibility.

Will I get any free time?

All escorted tours offer a good balance of guided traveling and personal exploring. Usually, there are no planned activities after dinner, so you can rest up or grab dessert at a local restaurant. Sometimes you will get afternoons to yourself and sometimes you will get full days to go out and about. Ask your tour director and local tour guide for suggestions on what to see and do during your free time.

Escorted tours are a great way to make sure all your travel goals are met. Tours give you a more authentic travel experience since you can absorb and learn about the city you are visiting while a knowledgeable guide teaches you about all the important features. With a pre-planned itinerary, you are able to stop by all your must see attractions and will also get to experience places you would’ve never gone during a vacation you planned yourself.

More questions regarding escorted tours? Check out our Tours FAQ page or our beginner’s guide to escorted tours.

Call your travel consultant, at 1-800-935-2620 and ask for their advice or click to get a free quote online.

[Updated 2/10/17]

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