Don’t Make These Common Travel Mistakes!

Common Travel Mistakes

Traveling is a fun and exciting experience but there are a lot of moving parts you need to bring together. Luckily for all, travelers can prepare ahead a time and easily learn from other’s blunders in order to have a perfect trip of their own. Here are six of the most common mistakes that travelers make, along with some strategies that will help you steer clear of them.

Mistake #1:

Forget to the check the expiration date on your passport

Common Travel Mistakes

Before you book your flights or trip, check the dates on your passport. Most countries require travelers to have at least 6 months of validity on their passport before letting you into the country. It can also take up to 2 months to apply, process and receive a new passport so keep that in mind when making travel plans. If in a bind, you can pay an additional fee to have your passport expedited. You also might need a visa to enter your destination. Some countries allow you to apply once you land in the country, but most make you apply for a visa ahead of time. Make sure you check the requirements for your destination before booking your trip.

Mistake #2

Opting out of buying travel protection

The cost of travel is an important investment to protect. There is a wide array of travel protection, including unforeseen emergencies and just changing your mind about wanting to travel. A lot of plans cover lost baggage, stolen or broken electronics, and medical emergency assistance when you’re away from your home country. Be sure to ask your travel consultant about your travel protection options to see which level fits your lifestyle.

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Mistake #3

Over packing

Common Travel Mistakes

It’s not worth having to cart around and store all that extra luggage just so you can wear 3 different outfits every day along with a dozen shoes! Check to see if your hotel or cruise has laundry service to decide how many pairs of socks, undergarments, shirts and pants you need to pack. Look at your itinerary to see what type of clothing and shoes you’ll need to bring. Then, make a list of necessities and stick to the list. Pack 5- 10 key items that you can mix, match and layer throughout your trip. Tip: Packing cubes are a great way for over packers to organize and compact their clothes.

Mistake #4

Not interacting with locals

Common Travel Mistakes

If you want to truly experience the locations you visit, you need see the destination through the perspective of the people living there. They can give you insight into local foods, events, cultures, landmarks and other things you have missed, which will give you a much more well-rounded memory of the destination. For a more meaningful and memorable travel experience, try to start a conversation with your server or ask some who is walking a dog for directions to a nearby coffee shop. Try to seize every opportunity to engage with local people!

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Mistake #5

Forgetting to notify your credit card company

Common Travel Mistakes

Many credit cards are wary of foreign activity on an account and will automatically suspend your card. That can lead to extra complications during your travel. The best way to avoid this is by letting your credit card providers know that you will be traveling and where you will be traveling. Also, ask them about any foreign transaction fees so you don’t get surprised by extra charges on your bill.

Mistake #6

Skipping the local cuisine

Common Travel Mistakes

You can eat burgers and fries at home, so might as well try something new fare while traveling. After all, food is one of the best ways to experience a new culture. Exploring cuisine abroad and discovering unique local flavors, helps to ground your memories of your trip. Your sensory experience will bring you right back to your trip whenever you remember it. Try checking out a nearby farmers market and pick up little samples of whatever looks good. Street food is also an inexpensive way to eat local and experience the cuisine.

Remember, if you do run in to a hiccup on our trip, try your best to get over it quickly so it doesn’t ruin your vacation! Traveling is all about making memorable and personal experiences, while having fun in the process. Treasure your good times for years to come and keep these travel tips in mind before your next adventure!


  1. Excellent….and I have been guilty of all! One more mistake…making connecting flights too close together, especially for international flights where you have to go through customs. .

    1. Great tip! Yes, customs can take a bit of time so giving yourself plenty of time between flights will alleviate stress. Thanks for the tip!

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