8 Unique Travel Experiences With Intrepid Vacations

travel experiences with Intrepid Vacations

Intrepid is the active vacationers dream! With destinations on every contentment, and themed vacations ranging from Walking & Trekking the Rainforest to Polar Expeditions the possibilities are endless. Here is a complete overview of the 8 unique travel experiences with Intrepid Vacations and their three travel styles.

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The Top 5 Hidden Places To Discover Along Europe’s Rivers

Places to Experience Along Europe’s Rivers

On the world’s rivers, travelers bend and wind through historic and dramatic landscapes reminiscent of impressionist paintings depicting vineyards, castles lining hilltops and medieval villages from the days of time past.

River cruisers enjoy access to thriving, popular cities like Paris, Vienna, Budapest, Amsterdam and Prague byway of the world’s rivers. But, only on river cruises do travelers have the opportunity to step back into history and experience lesser-known towns and hidden landmarks that most travelers have passed by. Here are the top 5 hidden places to experience along Europe’s rivers.

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18-45 Year Olds: U By Uniworld Has The River Cruise For You

U By Uniworld

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the new river cruise company U by Uniworld (also known simply as U). U by Uniworld is a new take on experiential travel, with cruises for those with a passion for exploring and have a taste for authentic adventures. U was designed specifically for Millennials and Generation X who want a unique, safe, and affordable way to explore Europe.

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Don’t Make These Common Travel Mistakes!

Common Travel Mistakes

Traveling is a fun and exciting experience but there are a lot of moving parts you need to bring together. Luckily for all, travelers can prepare ahead a time and easily learn from other’s blunders in order to have a perfect trip of their own. Here are six of the most common mistakes that travelers make, along with some strategies that will help you steer clear of them.

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