Summer Cocktail Recipes From Around The World

Summer Cocktail Recipes

A huge part of a country’s culture is what they eat and drink. What better way to get a taste of the culture than by sipping a local beverage! So grab your cocktail shaker and some ice, we are going to travel around the world with these refreshing summer cocktails.

Want all of the taste but none of the alcohol? Each recipe includes a mocktail option as well!

Here is how to beat the heat all over the world.

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Traveler VS Tourist: Which One Are You?

Traveler VS Tourist

The debate on whether one’s a tourist or traveler seems to be never ending. Travelers and tourists are both people who enjoy traveling to different destinations because they like to see something new. Both love the journey, but have difference expectations of the new place they going to. Some people use these words interchangeably so here are some main differences between travelers and tourists.

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