Uniworld: All-Inclusive Boutique River Cruise



When unrivaled luxury, exceptional service, extraordinary cuisine and nautical excellence come together, the result is unmistakably Uniworld. With more than 4 decades of experience in river cruising, rest assured that you will receive the most consistently exceptional experience. See how Uniworld goes above and beyond to deliver a truly exceptional vacation.

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Unique River Cruising Experiences with Avalon Waterways

River cruising - Avalon Waterways

River cruising is an inspiring way to see and experience the world today. It allows to you explore well known cities as well as small towns and villages. Avalon Waterways offers cruising itineraries on rivers in Europe, Asia, South America and Egypt. To enhance your vacation, knowledgeable guides and award winning land programs are a part of every Avalon cruise. If you’re a traveler looking to indulge in your passions, they also offer over a dozen special interest river cruises.

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