Globus Welcome Back Credit: A Better Program For Repeat Travelers

Globus family of brands (GFOB) are leaders in the travel industry providing amazing vacations for their clients. When people travel with Globus, Cosmos, Monograms or Avalon Waterways, they can be certain that the quality and level of customer service will be top notch.

Globus family of brands are always looking for ways to say thank you to their return travelers, which is why they just launched the popular, Welcome Back Credit to their return clients. This Welcome Back Credit is replacing the discontinued Journeys Club program.

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Houston Crippled as Hurricane Harvey Drops 15 Trillion Gallons of Water


Hurricane Harvey made landfall on the evening of August 25. Due to the slow storm movement from August 26-30, catastrophic flooding occurred in southeast Texas and the greater Houston area causing delays and interruptions in our communications with our travelers. We were forced to close early and even at the time of this writing we are operating with limited staff and resources.

More than 51 inches of rain fell from Harvey, which broke the record for the greatest amount of rain recorded from a single storm in the continental United States. That’s more than 4 feet of rain!

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