What Can I Use Onboard Cruise Credits On?

There is no doubt cruise vacations are the perfect way to escape and relax. Everything you could possibly need or want is on the ship, right at your fingertips. The term ‘onbaord credit’ is a phrase that you might hear while booking your cruise or even while you are sailing. Onboard credit, or OBC, is spending money you can conveniently use during your cruise on a wide array of purchases and experiences. Here are our favorite ways to use your onboard cruise credits.


Use Onboard Cruise CreditsDepending on your cruise or river cruise line, alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic drinks might not be included. Excite your taste buds and upgrade your dining experience with a bottle of red wine or sit by the pool with a refreshing cocktail. You can even grab a cappuccino or latte in the morning to complete your life of luxury.

Specialty Dining

Use Onboard Cruise CreditsSpecialty dining has become a signature feature in the cruising world- they truly take you on culinary excursion, with 5 star restaurants and top notch customer service. All cruises have including dining options, like buffets, or sit down restaurants. To upgrade your dining experience to the next level, cruises offer restaurants that have a service charge. Most people agree that these specialty restaurants go above and beyond the main dining areas and are worth every penny.  Ships will have every type of cuisine available, from Chinese to Mexican and sushi and Italian. Specialty restaurants are the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion or treat yourself. Using your onboard credit for delicious food is always a winner!

Spa Treatments

Use Onboard Cruise CreditsGetting pampered on a cruise in the spa is luxurious and lavish. The extensive treatment menus have everything from massages, facials, aroma stone therapy to detoxifying ocean wraps and manicure-pedicures. Using your OBC allows you to get a little extra fancy for your formal night, or indulge in some me-time after your busy beach day.

Pro-tip: Cruise lines offer extensive menus for men to also look and feel their best. Try a hot shave, haircut or scalp massage.

Shore Excursions

Use Onboard Cruise Credits

Excursions at the different ports you explore offer the ultimate way to experience the fascinating culture of all the amazing destinations on your itinerary. There is always a range of excursions in every port for every interest to maximize your visit. From culinary expeditions and small group escorted tours around the city to swimming with dolphins and learning to salsa, shore excursions will make your trip a memorable one.

Some cruise lines have private islands, only reserved for their guests. You can also use your onboard credits for a private cabana or any food or drinks purchased there.

Souvenirs and Shopping

Use Onboard Cruise Credits

The onboard gift shop is the perfect place to pick up momentous of your trip to bring back home, for yourself and your loved ones.  You can also buy those necessities that didn’t get packed, like a toothbrush, tooth paste or hairbrush. Grab a beach towel, post card or fancy scarf and let your onboard credits pick up the tab.


Some cruise lines include the gratuities in their cruise price but for most, you have the option of paying them onboard. Gratuities are a way for you to express your thanks to the attentive crew members who will be helping you throughout your time onboard.

Onboard Activities

Use Onboard Cruise Credits

A cruise is the perfect time to try something new or experience something you would not attempt any other time. Almost all activities onboard are complimentary, however there are a few activities that require an extra, charge such as specialty rides, wine tasting or cookery classes. Having onboard credit is a great excuse to push yourself to try something or learn something new.

Pro-tip: Some cruise lines allow you to use your OBC at the onboard casino!


Use Onboard Cruise Credits

Using your onboard credit to update social media, chat with friends at home or find out the latest news can be extremely helpful. While some cruise lines provide internet packages, there are others that offer higher speeds or longer access for an additional cost.

The best thing about onboard credit is that it enables you to truly treat yourself on your vacation because you can spend it exactly how you want.

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