Best Things To Do In Dublin With CIE

Travelers could spend their whole time in Dublin wandering around 18th century Georgian houses with brightly-painted doors, strolling through tranquil parks, viewing all the statues lining O’Connell Street and taking in all the new buildings around the Financial Centre beside the River Liffey and still take in the culture and beauty of the city.

Travelers wanting to visit a variety of attractions turn to CIE for an interesting travel experience. CIE tour directors are well trained in the background information of Ireland and enjoy giving their travelers a fun and informative narrative of their destination.

Our experts put together a list of the best things to do in Dublin with CIE.

Trinity College

Best Things To Do In Dublin

The Book of Kells is one of Ireland’s greatest treasures and is also a European cultural icon. It was created by Celtic monks around the year 800, but was never finished for unknown reasons. The book contains manuscripts of the four Gospels of the New Testament (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) in Latin, along with other various texts and illuminations.

Best Things To Do In Dublin

It’s been in the Trinity College Library in Dublin for safe keeping since 1653, and went on permanent display in the mid-19th century.

EPIC: The Museum of Irish Emigration

Best Things To Do In Dublin

The world’s only fully digital museum, EPIC Ireland uncovers hundreds of stories of adventure, adversity, and triumph of the 10 million people who emigrated from Ireland over the centuries and how they shaped and influenced the world. Travelers will discover family friendly exhibits full of education and entertainment, high tech galleries complete with touchscreens, motion-sensor games and audio and videos to bring these stories to life.

Guinness Factory

More than a million travelers a year tour this famous factory to learn how to pour the perfect pint of this Irish beer. (Hint: It involves holding the glass at a 45-degree angle!) Not only is this the place to learn about the ‘black stuff’ brewing process, but the top floor Gravity Bar is arguably the best view of the city. During your tour, sniff the raw ingredients, learn about the history of Guinness advertising and, of course, sample some of their beer. Pro-tip: the storehouse is 7 floors and they suggests at least an hour and half to explore the whole facility.

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Dublin Castle

Best Things To Do In Dublin

During its lifetime since the early thirteenth century, Dublin Castle has not only been the seat of power and government for the English Administration in Ireland for more than 700 years, it has also been used as a military fortress, a prison, treasury, and courts of law. In 1922, following Ireland’s independence, Dublin Castle was handed over to the new Irish government. Today it plays a leading role in Presidential Inaugurations, State Functions and Ireland’s Presidencies of the European Union.

As an integral part of Ireland’s history, the complex represents some of the oldest surviving architecture in the city. With CIE, you will take a guided tour inside parts of the Dublin Castle.

Temple Bar

Best Things To Do In Dublin

For travelers looking for Dublin’s nightlife district, this area of town will have all the “craic”. They have tourist-focused nightclubs, bars and restaurants. During the day, there are art galleries, theaters and museums for you to explore. This popular area is a great place to soak up local culture in a fun atmosphere.

Best Things To Do In DublinDon’t miss out on hearing some live performances of ‘The Fields of Athenry’ and ‘It’s a Long Way to Tipperary’ played by high quality traditional Irish musicians. Ask your travel director what pub the locals like to frequent.

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General Post Office Museum

The General Post Office or GPO on O’Connell Street is one of the oldest, actual working post office in the world and has grown to one of the top unforgettable Irish attractions. Most famously known as the location of the short-lived Irish Republic as proclaimed by Patrick Pearse, it was left in ruins during the week-long Easter Rising of 1916. It was renovated and restored to the impressive traditional interior it was known for.

If collecting stamps is your passion, the GPO is home to the Irish Philately (stamp collecting) community so, check out the separate side room full of interesting stamps.

St. Stephen’s Green

St. Stephen’s Green is a historical, 22 acre park in the heart of the city, once owned by the Guinness family. It is a charming green, full of lakes with swans, bridges, a waterfall and lots of places to relax or eat a picnic. Stroll through the sculptures, gardens and trees located throughout the green. This is also a favorite place for locals to go for a jog. Pro tip: The park is closed and locked and dusk, so be sure to be out in time.

Ha’penny Bridge

Built in May of 1816 and spanning the width of the River Liffey over which it crosses, it was an expensive replacement from the ferry service that operated across the river previously. The costs were recuperated through the half penny toll, which gave the bridge its popular name, Ha’penny Bridge.

Best Things To Do In Dublin In 1916, the bridge was handed over to the Dublin Corporation and three years later, the tolls were abolished. For over 180 years, the bridge remained the city’s only pedestrian bridge over the Liffey the Millennium Bridge was constructed in 1999. Today, 30,000 people a day walk across the famous bridge.

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