Best Airfare Myths

Clearing up Misconceptions on Airfare

Everyone wants to find the cheapest flights possible when they travel. That’s no secret: Whether you’re well-to-do or on a budget, nobody likes to spend money they don’t have to.

Of course, everyone who travels by air frequently has heard many stories, myths, and old wives’ tales about the best ways to get a cheap flight. Everyone has their own secret when booking, but not all of these are true. Here are some misconceptions people have about finding cheap flights, and the truth behind them:

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Cruise Travel Accommodations for People with Disabilities

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Having a disability doesn’t have to preclude being able to take a cruise. With a little advanced research and planning, you can take a vacation where you can ensure all your needs are fully met and you won’t miss out on any part of the experience.

Information we’ve collected from experienced travelers suggest certain lines are better than others at accommodating guests with disabilities. Perhaps they have more or better cabins that suit specific needs, or offer a range of services that are not necessary but would be appreciated on a vacation. Depending on your particular needs or preferences, someone else’s favorite cruise line may not be the best cruise line for you. Knowing¬†which cruise lines can make the accommodations you require and how much time you’ll need to prepare in advance will guarantee a smoother vacation experience.

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