Travel Bucket List

Travel Bucket ListA bucket list is a catalog of personal goals and first hand experiences that you are wanting to accomplish. While some people add adventurous activities to their bucket list, most people have a list of countries and cities they want to visit. With so many beautiful places in the world, it’s easy to dream up the top destinations you are wanting to explore. We narrowed our list down to our 4 top favorite destinations that everyone needs to experience at least once!

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Recipe: Italian Vegetable Soup


Italian Vegetable SoupWinter is upon us and the cold weather gets everyone in the mood for some good comfort food. What better way to warm up than with an Italian vegetable soup! The best dishes are simple and always tasty and this soup is both. Just imagine the smell of Italy filling your kitchen, instantly transporting you there. Here is a step by step recipe that will walk you through how to prepare this hardy and flavorful Italian vegetable soup!

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Last Minute Gifts Travelers Will Love to Receive

Gifts travelersWith the holidays just around the corner, the wanderlust is kicking in for everyone. Since travelers are practical people with a love for adventure, shopping for your travel lover should be fun! But, with so many frivolous items lining the malls the internet, it can be hard to decide what’s the best gift for the traveler in your life. Here are some last minute, practical gift ideas that any jetsetter will actually use.

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