Active Adventure Tours

Being active on a vacation is an intimate way to connect and see a more authentic world. By stimulating your senses and immersing yourself in the life of a region, you are able to bond with nature, culture and history of a new land in a way that isn’t possible on any other tour. On active adventure tours, you are able to experience the scenic beauty, wildlife, and cuisine, while having all the comprehensive planning and support of a top tier travel operator.

Just like every tour is unique, each adventure travel operator has different fitness levels, choices of activities, and accommodations to fit the trip style. Each tour will be the perfect mix of adventure, culture, wildlife and sightseeing. Here is an overview of the most popular adventure travel operators and what makes each one exceptional.

G Adventures

Active Adventure Tours

G Adventures encourages travelers to step off the beaten path, find comfort in the unexpected and be immersed in the extraordinary of the destination. Through G Adventure trips, you can embrace authentic accommodation and local transportation that will bring you face to face with the world’s most fascinating cultures, customs and awe-inspiring wildlife.

With over 12 travel styles and a large variety of destinations and departure dates, there are G Adventure tours for all tastes, ages and budgets. G Adventures travels everywhere, from the polar regions of the Arctic and Antarctic, to all of the other continents, so wherever you’re heading, they are already there.

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Active Adventure Tours

Contiki creates high-energy escorted tour experiences just for 18 to 35 year olds. They offer over 270 trips around the world and have quick getaways as short as 3 days, to epic multi country journeys up to 6 weeks. Contiki travelers love living in the moment and pushing themselves past their comfort zone. Contiki’s philosophy is No Regrets, which drives their Trip Manger’s way of life and is ingrained on every itinerary.

Since travel isn’t one size fits all, they have 8 different ways to see the world. Contiki is known for unique accommodations, a world class team, comfy transportation, tons of meals and inclusions on all trips.


Active Adventure Tours

Intrepid brings small groups on big adventures by taking travelers out of the guidebooks and into the behind the scenes, real life of every destination. Every Intrepid itinerary has been carefully crafted to make sure travelers have an unforgettable grassroots travel experience by including plenty of time doing local activities with local people. Intrepid’s Local Leaders are travel experts and offer local knowledge and experiences to help travelers understand what makes that destination tick.

Over the years, Intrepid developed three trip styles and themes to cater to a diverse range of travelers.

Basix trips keep things simple for travelers of any age on a budget. You’ll use mostly local transportations (tuk-tuk anyone?) and all accommodations are centrally located and can included budget hotels, camping or even guesthouses.

Original travel style offers a great mix of included activates and free time to explore the destination solo. Some meals are included and depending on the itinerary, accommodations are mostly guesthouses and homestays.

Comfort is the most deluxe travel style where you can enjoy more luxurious accommodation, nice hotels with private amenities and mostly private transportation.

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Grand American Adventures

Active Adventure Tours

Grand American Adventures offers more than 60 small group tours through North America, Central and South America. Most of their tours include a mix of activities, culture, wildlife and sightseeing, so travelers get a little bit of everything. With GAA, it’s not just about where you go, but it’s how you experience it. With a maximum group size of just 13 travelers, all adventure seekers share a common desire to experience and explore the great outdoors.

All tours are designed to make the most out of each destinations so they encompass the most exciting sights, but also visit locations which you wouldn’t find if traveling alone. Accommodations range from classic camping tours for travelers who want to be fully immersed in nature, to hotel based tours for people who prefer the comfort of a bed and a roof over their head. GAA’s highly trained and experienced tour leaders have hiked hundreds of miles of national park trails, slept under the starts and done almost every adventure activity there is and are ready to share their expertise and passion for nature with their group.

U by Uniworld

Active Adventure Tours

U by Uniworld is a fresh take on river cruise travel, designed specifically for 21 to 45 year olds with a passion for exploring and a taste for authentic adventures in Europe. U by Uniworld believes that travel should be relaxing, exhilarating, convenient and tailored to your interests- all at the same time.

There is plenty of fun to be had at each of your destinations, but onboard their 2 ships, The A and The B is just as exciting. Relax with friends in the lounge, coffee bar, cocktail bar or while attending a complimentary top-deck morning yoga session. Join the Chef in a multi course cooking class or a master mixology class and then enjoy everything you prepared. The free Wi-Fi on board will enable travelers to share pictures of their paint and wine class or the silent disco dance party.

U itineraries are planned with late-night and overnight stays in port and later excursion start times. That way, you can relax onboard, spend your day and night in town on your own or embark on one of many carefully curated excursions.

Traveling actively is all about embracing what life has to offer, living the experience as it unfolds and at the same time, creating memories that will last forever. If you’re dreaming of a vacation that includes the most inspiring sights and highlights, off the beaten path locations and exciting activities, adventure tours are the perfect fit.

Ready to get off the beaten path and live life on the edge of your seat? View all of our top active adventure tours!

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