6 Things You Should Do Every Time You Travel

Do Every Time You Travel

When we travel, we try to discover as much as we can and leave with many beautiful memories as possible. In between seeing all the famous sites and landmarks, make sure you encounter all of these experiences in each new city or country you visit. Follow these tips and you’re sure to have a more unique and fulfilling travel experience.

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What’s The New Cuba Travel Policy and What Impact Will It Have?

New Cuba Travel Policy

Just announced on Friday, a revised Cuba policy was signed, aimed at stopping the flow of U.S. cash to the Cuba’s military, while still maintaining diplomatic relations with the country. In short, the new policy will continue to allow U.S. airlines, cruise ships, and group people-to-people type travel to Cuba to continue.

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Weekly Cruise Deals: Up To 46% Savings + Big Onboard Credits With Celebrity & Royal Caribbean [6/19/17]

Cruise Deals

Cruise through turquoise waters and relax on powdery white beaches, the glamorous life on Celebrity and Royal Caribbean cruises is waiting for you. Explore natural paradises where no two days are alike. Only on a cruise you can experience the perfect mix of traditional beach charms and the delightfully unexpected.

This week, our experts found the best prices on Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises- you won’t find these cruise deals anywhere else! All of our prices are exclusive only to AffordableTours.com and the savings amount reflected is compared to when booking directly with the cruise line’s best price. We have the lowest prices, offer onboard credits, and additional AffordableTours.com everyday savings!

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Your Destination Guide: National Geographic Journeys With G Adventures

National Geographic Journeys With G Adventures

As mind-boggling as it seems at first, you’ll be amazed how intimate the world feels once you get to know it. The best way to blaze trails of the unseen is with National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures. To enhance your adventure and see the world in a whole new way, our experts highlighted each of the destinations you can travel to with NatGeo Journeys with G Adventures.
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Review: Central European Experiences with Avalon Waterways [VIDEO]

Avalon Waterways

12 Day Central European Experiences | River Cruising with Avalon Waterways

Video by: George Pitiranggon, Director of Marketing & Web Strategies

Here’s another video review for your viewing pleasure, this time about Avalon Waterways! Are you considering a river cruise vacation? Are you a first time river cruiser? Are you a veteran of big ship cruising and looking for something more intimate and downscaled? River cruising might be for you. Watch the video review to get a good idea of what to expect on a luxury river cruise with Avalon Waterways.

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