The Top 5 Hidden Places to Discover Along Europe’s Rivers

Places to Experience Along Europe’s Rivers

On the world’s rivers, travelers bend and wind through historic and dramatic landscapes reminiscent of impressionist paintings depicting vineyards, castles lining hilltops and medieval villages from the days of time past.

River cruisers enjoy access to thriving, popular cities like Paris, Vienna, Budapest, Amsterdam and Prague byway of the world’s rivers. But, only on river cruises do travelers have the opportunity to step back into history and experience lesser-known towns and hidden landmarks that most travelers have passed by. Here are the top 5 hidden places to experience along Europe’s rivers.

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Houston Crippled as Hurricane Harvey Drops 15 Trillion Gallons of Water


Hurricane Harvey made landfall on the evening of August 25. Due to the slow storm movement from August 26-30, catastrophic flooding occurred in southeast Texas and the greater Houston area causing delays and interruptions in our communications with our travelers. We were forced to close early and even at the time of this writing we are operating with limited staff and resources.

More than 51 inches of rain fell from Harvey, which broke the record for the greatest amount of rain recorded from a single storm in the continental United States. That’s more than 4 feet of rain!

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Review: Country Roads of France with Insight Vacations

France with Insight Vacations
By: Sara Beth Bowen, Senior Travel Consultant

Bienvenue! Welcome to France!

Traveling on the country roads (and some motorways) is a wonderful way to see parts of a country that you might not be totally aware of, unless you are a history buff of the area you are visiting. The itinerary, Country Roads of France with Insight Vacations, sounded interesting to us, as we wished to learn more about France and perhaps gain more insight in to their culture. Instead of spending one night in most places, we usually stayed two. And in Avignon, we spent 3 nights in a very spacious hotel with very carrying personnel—a welcomed treat about half way through our trip! As always, Insight’s hotel choices were superb.

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18-45 Year Olds: U By Uniworld Has The River Cruise For You

U By Uniworld

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the new river cruise company U by Uniworld (also known simply as U). U by Uniworld is a new take on experiential travel, with cruises for those with a passion for exploring and have a taste for authentic adventures. U was designed specifically for Millennials and Generation X who want a unique, safe, and affordable way to explore Europe.

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Review: 7-Day Western Caribbean Cruise With Carnival

Western Caribbean Cruise With Carnival

By: Christy Co, Admin/Customer Support

This summer, my family and I departed on the 7-day Western Caribbean Cruise with Carnival. We were very excited for this cruise, since it was my son’s first one and it had been a long time since I last went on a cruise. Because the port of embarkation was in Galveston, we were glad that we only needed to drive an hour to get to our cruise ship.

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