Luxury Cruising

April 2nd, 2014
Posted by: Lucy Fernandez

As an owner of the Fernandez family’s, I been fortunate these past 10 years to experience many, many remarkable travel opportunities, from tours to river cruises, to ocean cruises. That said, two weeks ago when I embarked on the Silversea Spirit for their twelve day Mediterranean cruise from Istanbul to Athens, I was totally unprepared for the event that was about to unfold.

Silversea Cruise Line is the Rolls Royce equivalent among the world’s cruise lines.   Founded over twenty years ago, this small cruise ship company has dedicated itself to the ultimate in luxury travel.  Their fleet consists of six remarkable ships, with passenger counts ranging from 296 to 540, and their passenger to staff ratio is practically one to one, so no other cruise line comes close to providing the extraordinary personal service one encounters on Silversea.  (more…)

A Cruise Giveaway for All Carnival Cruise Lovers

March 24th, 2014
Posted by: George Pitiranggon

CarnivalFunShipFunPics_r2_c1[1] CarnivalFunShipFunPics_r2_c2[1]

Carnival Cruise Lines is one of the most popular, well-known names in the world of vacation cruises. Carnival offers cruises from locations throughout North America and Europe, through both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, and with a number of ports of call and itineraries. The size of the company means they are easily able to offer you almost any cruise you can think of at almost any time of the year, but even for a large company Carnival still manages to add a personal touch to everything they do.

If you’ve ever gone on a Carnival Cruise, you know what we mean– and hopefully you took some photos. Keep reading to learn more about our latest Carnival Cruise Giveaway.


Trafalgar Family Experiences

March 7th, 2014
Posted by: George Pitiranggon

Many vacation packages and cruises are designed for individuals or couples. One or two adults have a lot more autonomy and freedom as to where to go and what to do on a vacation, not to mention what they’re physically capable of on something like an adventure tour.

Some of us are parents, though, and we have to plan our vacations around our children’s needs. We can’t necessarily leave our children behind when we want to vacation: We may not have anyone who’s able (or willing) to take care of them for that length of time; we may spend too much time worrying about them if they’re not with us; we may want to bring them along and build experiences and memories together.

Trafalgar Tours offers a line of vacations that can meet all our needs. Keep reading to learn more about Trafalgar Family Experiences.


The Importance Of Travel Insurance

March 6th, 2014
Posted by: George Pitiranggon

Senior Couple
No one likes to talk about travel insurance, because no one wants to think of what might go wrong when planning a vacation. However, it’s always smart to consider all your options when traveling. Life is unpredictable, and not only can travel insurance buy you some peace of mind while you’re on your vacation, it can protect both yourself and your financial investment in your vacation in case the worst happens. offers CSA Travel Protection with all its vacation deals. Read on for more information about travel insurance, and why you should consider it.


What to Expect on Holland America’s Alaska Vacations

March 3rd, 2014
Posted by: Andromeda Mendoza

One of our travel partners, Holland America, has a line of vacations in, around, and through Alaska, by both land and sea. Read on to learn more about the three types of vacations Holland America offers to Alaska.


Royal Caribbean Re-launches Navigator of the Seas

February 26th, 2014
Posted by: George Pitiranggon

This month, Royal Caribbean launched Navigator of the Seas, a Voyager-class cruise ship, out of Galveston, TX, after making some upgrades and adding some technological amenities in order to offer a world-class cruise. If you’re interested in a cruise off the Gulf Coast, or if you’re just curious as to what’s new onboard the Navigator, read on to learn more.


Regent Cruises and the All-Inclusive Experience

February 26th, 2014
Posted by: Kris SanMiguel

We’ve talked about all-inclusive vacations before on the blog: what the term means, what benefits it implies, and why you might find one more appealing than a standard cruise. One of our partners, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, is a top provider of all-inclusive luxury cruises. Regent’s offerings on their all-inclusive cruises set an industry standard for quality and service. If you want to know more, read on: even if you don’t want to book a luxury or an all-inclusive cruise soon, you’ll have a better idea of what you deserve for your money the next time you shop for one.


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