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Independent travel can, on the surface, seem like a great way to save money on a vacation– for the adventurous, it might be a challenge to see how many sights they can discover on their own, or how far they can go on a small amount of money.

It certainly is a challenge, though, and often more hassle than it’s worth. If your idea of a vacation is to relax, as well as to make sure you see the true highlights of each location and don’t have any problems on any stage of your journey, then a guided tour is the way to go. Guided tours from Monograms are the best way to vacation well.

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Recognizing Customer Service Week


This year, National Customer Service week is October 6 – 10, 2014. is proud to recognize the importance of the customer service industry.

In 1984 the International Customer Service Association (ICSA), which since merged with PACE, created and launched National Customer Service Week™. In 1991, the Executive Board of the ICSA, working with members of the Commerce Committee of the United States Congress, drafted and passed Senate Resolution 166 designating the first week of October as Customer Service Week. On October 8, 1992, President George H. W. Bush signed Presidential Proclamation 6485 establishing the first week of October as National Customer Service Week.

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Staff Adventure: Insight Vacations – The Eastern Discovery

Gilbert Ortiz
Travel Consultant
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Insight Vacations – The Eastern Discovery – View the entire itinerary

“The Eastern Discovery” is a 16 day escorted tour, operated by Insight Vacations.
It covers 8 countries perfectly chosen in a way that the tour combines the beauty of cities like Vienna, Dubrovnik and Istanbul, with others like Tirana, Ohrid and Sofia that offer more history and insight into some of the former so called “Eastern Block” countries. All of this plus a touch of nature in the UNESCO gem called “Plitvice” national park.

The tour was expertly planned and operated to perfection by Insight Vacations.

The quality of the coach was second to none. The hotel selection was right on target. The knowledge, sophistication and kindness of our tour director; Karin was unmatched. The speed and smoothness of the rides as we covered 2,100 miles was all due to an excellent job of our driver;Zoran who made us feel safe everyday, everywhere all the time.

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Staff Adventure: Monograms Independent – Best of Japan with Hiroshima

Three geishas
Lucy Fernandez
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Monograms Independent – Best of Japan with Hiroshima – View the entire itinerary

Omotenashi – a Japanese word that conveys the sense of warmth in hospitality and a hallmark of Japanese culture. Beyond a friendly reception, there is a sense of anticipation that is one step ahead of the spoken request. Throughout our journey in Japan, we experienced the gracious service and welcome for which this ancient island nation is known—never rushed or compelled by a schedule—but always treated with genuine care by our local hosts and virtually all of the service personnel we encountered. Japan is a land of many contrasts, beautifully reflected in the harmonies of rest and rush we experienced in Tokyo and Kyoto. As an independent vacation, our 10-night program combined the best of modern amenities and the serenity of ancient traditions.

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Irrawaddy River Cruises with Avalon Waterways


If you’re an experienced traveler, you may think you’ve seen it all; when you’ve sampled so many world cultures and locations, it’s difficult to imagine something that could truly surprise you. If you find yourself feeling this way, we recommend looking into Avalon Waterways’ Irrawaddy River Cruises for a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else.

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Staff Adventure: Monograms Independent – Rome, Florence & Venice


Frank Larmore
Travel Consultant
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Monograms Independent Tours – Rome, Florence & Venice – View the entire itinerary

On May 1, my wife Susan and I flew out from Houston on Air Express, arriving in Rome early the next morning. After going through Customs, we took a cab to our hotel, the NH Leonardo da Vinci. Just to show you what a great start this was, look at the view from our window (the sunset and the beautiful neighborhood houses). Our Local Host, Renata, was available for questions and recommendations. We stored our bags until check-in time. That afternoon Renata reminded us of the schedule, and that the coach would leave at 8.

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