Traveler Photos: Splendours of Japan with Hiroshima

We love traveler pictures! Thank you to our traveler who shared the first few pictures from his Trafalgar trip to Japan. Just in the first few days, he’s visited Mt Fiji, ate breakfast overlooking a cherry blossom garden, and visited Matsumoto Castle. We can’t wait to hear about the rest of his trip!

Thank you @itsmebanky for tagging @AffordableTours in your pictures!

Splendours Of Japan With Hiroshima 2017

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What to Expect on an Italy Vacation

Expect Italy Vacation

Italians have certainly mastered the art of living- family values, spectacular food and a good dose of summer sun. When vacationing in Italy, travelers expect to be surrounded by historical cities, picturesque mountains and endless attractions and Italy does not disappoint. There are 20 different regions in Italy, and each specializes in something different to see and experience. If you’ve never been to Italy or you’re planning on exploring a new region, here are a few things you can expect on an Italy vacation.

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A Day in Antarctica with Abercrombie & Kent

Day in Antarctica

When experiencing Antarctica with Abercrombie & Kent, guests know they will be treated with high-touch service, elegant comforts and sophisticated design. Because Antarctica is a dynamic environment and like no place on earth, it’s difficult to picture what to expect. To help, read an account of a day in Antarctica to taste what’s in store on your journey.

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Review: Greek Island Hopper with Trafalgar

Greek Island Hopper with Trafalgar

I can’t say enough about this trip. The Greek Island Hopper with Trafalgar features Athens and two of Greece’s most iconic islands: Mykonos and Santorini! One thing that I loved about this tour was that it was a part of Trafalgar’s “At Leisure” tours which means longer stays at each city and late starts most mornings.

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