Why Food Lovers Should Cruise with Celebrity

Celebrity Cruises is the perfect place to experience the pinnacle of modern luxury. From their luscious staterooms, to impeccable services and modern design, travelers are elevated to an entirely new category of bliss. No luxury cruise is complete without decadent dining options and Celebrity has options to satisfy any mood or appetite.

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Review: 6 Night Western Caribbean Cruise with Carnival

Caribbean Cruise with Carnival

By: Lesa Caden, Certified Travel Agent & Director of Employee Development

Upon arrival at the Miami airport, we were greeted by Carnival with an expedited check-in process for boarding. Carnival coordinated checking in luggage, processing our onboard ID and shuttling us to the ship for a small fee. I would suggest this can be arranged round trip for an easy transition.

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Review: Rome Explorer With Trafalgar

Rome Explorer with Trafalgar

By: Mandy Becker, Travel Consultant

My husband and I have wanted to visit Rome since we first got married, so when we were looking at different tour options, the Rome Explorer with Trafalgar was the perfect option for us!

The Rome Explorer is a city stay in Rome with an optional one day excursion out to Pompeii and Naples. The city of Rome has been a center of the western world for most of the last 3000 years and the streets themselves are like a giant museum. There is so much to see and do in Rome and this tour was the perfect opportunity to hit all of the major sites!

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Are Active Adventure Tours Right For You?

Active Adventure Tours

Being active on a vacation is an intimate way to connect and see a more authentic world. By stimulating your senses and immersing yourself in the life of a region, you are able to bond with nature, culture and history of a new land in a way that isn’t possible on any other tour. On active adventure tours, you are able to experience the scenic beauty, wildlife, and cuisine, while having all the comprehensive planning and support of a top tier travel operator.

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Review: Dominican Republic With Fathom Cruises

Dominican Republic With Fathom Cruises

By: Libby Brame, Travel Consultant

Looking for something out of the ordinary? Fathom is definitely the way to go! If you haven’t heard of this cruise line, you’re probably not alone. I was lucky enough to be introduced to this cruise line in their inaugural year, 2016. The Fathom brand is all about Impact + Travel. See the world. Make a positive impact on the local communities that you’re visiting. Carry memories that will last a lifetime, but let the waves wash away that minimal footprint.

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